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The Ultimate Rust Farming Guide - Seeds, Irrigation, Growth Stages, Fertilizer, ...

If you haven't yet found the right RUST guide for growing squash, corn and potatoes in Rust, you should take a look here. Among other things, I cover the questions: Where do I find what? How do I grow plants? What tools do I need? What can I automate?

TheNick TheNick
40 minutes

How to get better at Rocket League

In this quick rocket league guide we will tell you everything you need to know in order to get better at Rocket League.

TheNick TheNick
24 minutes

Thief Simulator - Tips, Glitches & Secrets

Here are some tips and tricks that will make playing a little easier. At least if you want to.

TheNick TheNick
4 minutes

Rust Starter Guide - 2021

Here is a guide for any beginner in Rust. This guide is totally personal and is intended to answer the various questions of newcomers, which I have asked myself. This guide is not exhaustive and is only an answer to basic questions that can quickly block a beginner, so it can be improved by your gaming experience.

TheNick TheNick
49 minutes