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Release Arma Injector V0.2 Cryted
[Image: 123a30092712a310fec4f60f3cd64417.jpg]

Installation :

- You need to put the hackfr document in your C:\ with the settings.txt

- Find the offset for this RscDisplay : ["onLoad",_this,"RscDisplayInsertMarker",'GUI'] and paste it in the settings.txt

[Image: YzYqVbj.png]

- Write your script directory in the settings.txt

[Image: BMudsYu.png]

- Inject the DLL

- Execute the script by making a marker on the map .


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.rar   Paul.B's Injector V0.2.rar (Size: 11.97 KB / Downloads: 12)

Will use thanks for link -Bekfast on skype

Detected by the rootkit, instant globan ban :/

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