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Release Warface Hack
Warface Universal Hack For NA/EU ONLY! NEW UPDATE RELEASED!
UnknownCheats's Exclusive Community-Driven — Closed-Source Project
Now with Aimbot + Silent Aim + Magnet + Full-featured ESP + Chams!

I know the way I coded this, so this hack is highly unlikely to crash your game (unlike most others which crashes after 10-20 minutes or so), if it did somehow it definitely by something you did wrong. Also please note I have nothing to do if the download isn't approved until a new update for Warface has released. So if it took that long to approve, understand why it may crash (it most likely not) and avoid from spamming "not working", "crashed" like pointless replies.

Advanced Aimbot/Auto Aim (Exclusive)
Aimbot/Auto Aim in this hack has to be one of the best Aimbots available for a free hack. It includes several options which makes it the best of all.
You can aim at visible bones of enemies with Visible set as Auto Targeted Bone, not only bones your specify.
You can limit FOV (Field of View) to avoid from suspecious Aimbot-like killings. So only enemies within the FOV will be acquired by the Aimbot.
Override FOV for Nearby Enemies will allow you to override the default FOV limitations and acquire any nearby targets.
With Target Lock you can lock into an enemy while invoked so you will not acquire more targets while it's locked. To unlock simply let the Aim button go and press it again. Simple as that!
Prioritize Targets by Distance allows you to prioritize targets making it aim at nearby targets first and then eventually targets at far.
Auto Shoot/Auto Fire allows you to shoot your weapon automatically when a target has been acquired (or normally).
Show Probably Hit Markers will highlight which part of the target (mostly what bone) gonna get hit if you shoot using the Aimbot/Auto Aim.

Advanced Magnet (Exclusive)

Here are few things which makes this Magnet unique, as a free hack. And this is what differs this Magnet from other free Magnets:
Teleport position is NOT a static offset from your position (that you have to set X, Y, Z, which is freaking annoying, and you always have to turn to where they spawning at to kill them), instead it teleports them to a position at your aiming direction with the distance you set on the menu.
Unlike all other hacks, this will automatically turn all teleported entities to the same direction you're facing. For example if a heavy gunner is teleported his back will always faced at you so you can kill it without getting killed by it.
It doesn't drag you to anywhere when entities get teleported. If you set the distance too high it won't. If you set distance to lower and set to teleport them to near, it may drag you a little. But it's necessary in order to kill them with melee shot.
It doesn't lag. Not even a little bit. If it does, I'm sure you have a shitty computer. Every bit of this hack is optimized to it's edge. New version will be even faster...
It will NOT teleport your team mates to you, only enemies will get teleported, even that... according to your settings.
It respects your settings, it doesn't teleport dangerous entities to you without you allowing it to do so.
Cool feature "Easy Headshots", which is basically always keeping teleported enemies head level to your melee hand level (of course except heavy gunners). So... yeah you guessed right... Every shot is a headshot (will also work even when you're crouched or proned)

Features and Menu Options

NEW In-game Help Tooltips!
Now you can get help for each feature on the menu by just hovering your cursor on them!

Also remember that you can toggle between first person and third person by pressing End button in your keyboard!

Basics I
Draw Direct3D Screen Tests - Draws multiple objects on your screen to test your device capabilities to run the hack.
Full Weapon Accuracy - Enables full accuracy, which will improve your accuracy stabilization.
No Weapon Recoil - Eliminates the recoil from your weapon causing the weapon to be less shaky when you shoot.
No Weapon Bullets Spreading - Bullets will impact on same position you aim at rather than drilling holes around your target.
Remove Flashbang Effects - Eliminates the flash bang effect so you'll still have visibility while a flashbang blinds others.
Unlimited Sprinting - Infinite Sprinting, run as much as you like. You'll not get tired.
Remove Shaders and Effects - Enables full bright. This removes shaders and effects to deliver brighter textures possible, easing your vision.
No Damage From Falling - Removes the damage you get from falling from a height.
Basics II
Rapid Fire Rate - Allows your weapon to fire faster rate than your standard RPM. Available Fire Rates are x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10. Warning: Immediate ban if caught!
Swing Melee Weapon Faster - Allows you to swing your melee weapon much faster causing much more damage to the enemies in your melee weapon range. Warning: Immediate ban if caught!
Slide For Longer Distances - Slide as much as you want  This will allow you to slide for much longer distances! Warning: Immediate ban if caught!
Shoot Through Walls - This will allow you to shoot your targets through walls. After enabling this all enemies will be marked as visible, this is normal, you'll now be able to shoot them (this option is highly advised to keep TURNED OFF as it possesses high risk to get your account locked/banned).
Make Walls Transparent - This will turn solid walls into transparent wall allowing you to see what's behind that!
Switch To Wireframe Mode - This will switch to Wireframe mode allowing you too see all kind of objects behind an object.
Enable Silent Aim - Silent Aim is now available in "Basic II" section. This will always redirect your bullets to impact at an enemy regardless where you shoot when enabled as long as enemy is visible to you. Also mind to use with care in Hardcore because you may hurt your friendlies. Also remember that you can shoot and aim manually while using Silent Aim, using either E or T button (in case E already assigned for Aimbot/Auto Aim. Also note that this filtered out Heavy Gunners, Helicopters and Mechs. This feature is restricted to PvE, and not available on PvP).
Quick Load Shotguns & Snipers - This will allow you to fire your weapon without performing animations on each fire burst. Very useful for Shotguns and Bolt-action Snipers as you have faster shoot rate between your shots.
Floor Dive (Up Down Buttons) - Playing Tower? Getting vaporized? No problem. Now elevator works both ways!  LOL Press Down Arrow button to start diving into the floor and go to the floor below it. Remember to disable diving by pressing Up Arrow too! (If you pressed down arrow and seems nothing happening, jump multiple times or walk a bit and it'll start diving... when you're falling press up arrow quickly to stay on top of the floor below it. Or otherwise it'll fall you indefinitely)  (This is known to be not working on most times) Warning: Immediate ban if caught!
Jump Higher than Usual - Also known as High Jump, this can be used to jump much higher points than you're allowed as usual. (Warning: Immediate ban if caught! Also this known to be not working on most maps)
Jump Longer Distances (Bunny Hop) - Also know as Long Jump, this allows you to jump longer distance. You can get the best of it by using combined with High Jump. (Warning: Immediate ban if caught!)
Enable Classes Overloading - Enables or disables the entire classes overloading/looping according to your choice. Leaving you with memory hacks in "Basics" tab if you disables this (act as kind-of "Safe Mode" for this hack).
Show Frame Rate on Screen - This will show the current frame rate per second which is updating every second (colors change according to current frame rate) You'll like that design, I love it.
Prefer & Use Chams Over ESP - Prefers and uses Chams over the ESP. This will disable "Show Enemy Skeleton". Because we have Chams!
Show Enemy Linking Lines - Draws a line starting from center of your screen (from crosshair) to the enemy's head who are in the screen.
Show Enemy Skeleton - Draws Enemy Skeleton on enemies to see which pose they are in.
Show Names and Distances - Draws Enemy's name and distance to him in meters. Distance color changes according to how much enemy closes to you.
Show Enemy Extra Status (Resource Intensive) - Draws extra statistics of the enemy, including 3 stance positions, 13 activities and 8 holster item status.
Stance Position: Standing
Stance Position: Crouched
Stance Position: Proned
Activity: Reloading
Activity: Refilling Ammo
Activity: Healing
Activity: Switching Weapons
Activity: Climbing
Activity: In Coop Action
Activity: Pushing Object
Activity: Sliding
Activity: Jumping
Activity: Running
Activity: Walking
Activity: Sprinting
Activity: Camping
Equipped: Primary
Equipped: Pistol
Equipped: Melee Weapon
Equipped: Grenades
Equipped: Ammo Pack
Equipped: Med Kit
Equipped: Defibrillator
Equipped: Armor Kit
Show Enemy Health/Armor - Draws Enemy's health status and armor status including graphical bar. Changes colors according to enemy's health and armor status.
Highlight Enemies in World - Draws Enemy Bounds and highlight enemies in the world.
Highlight Weapons in World - Highlights any interact-able Weapons in the world.
Highlight Explosives in World - Highlight explosives such as Mines, Grenades, Claymores and Smoke Grenades.
Highlight Box Style (2D, 3D) - Using this you can select which type of highlight has to be done for the filters you select above.
Assists (Features in this section is subject to be removed if it feels like unbalanced for PvP)
Show Bomb Location (In PTB) (NEW) - This will show the correct fixed location of the bomb (fake locations bug fixed) in Plant the Bomb matches. Furthermore, it's text will be dynamically change according to the bomb status. For example "Dropped Bomb Location", "Planted Bomb Location" and "Bomb Location (Defusing)".
Highlight Bomb Carrier (In PTB) (NEW) - This will highlight the player who carries the bomb on the enemy team. Special color can be customized in "Others" -> "Special Enemy Color" as well.
Bomb Proximity Warning (In PTB) (NEW) - This will show a warning in red letter top of the screen when an enemy team players converging near the bomb within 20 meter radius.
Bomb Defusing Warning (In PTB) (NEW) - This will show a warning in red letter top of the screen when an enemy team player trying to defuse your bomb.
Show Briefcase Location (In CTF) (NEW) - This will show the briefcase location in Capture games. This is not necessary as all the time it's location already marked in the game. But why not right? Some people like my ESP than their HUD.
Highlight Briefcase Carrier (In CTF) (NEW) - This will highlight the case carrier in Capture games, when he stole the warhead and running to their base. He's already highlighted by game, but as long as his position is not obstructed by anything. But this will highlight him always, as long as he has the briefcase.
Case Proximity Warning (In CTF) (NEW) - This will show a warning at the screen when enemy players are near the briefcase within 20 meter radius.
Show Carrier Kill Warning (In CTF) (NEW) - This will show a warning when enemy player stole the warhead (meanwhile use above "Highlight Briefcase Carrier (In CTF)" to highlight him as well).
Aiming (Only Available for PvE: Coop & Survival. Restricted Intentionally)
Enable Aimbot/Auto Aim - Enables or disables the Aimbot/Auto Aim.
Auto Aim Hold Button - Select the Auto Aim invoker button. Click the box and press a key to assign it.
Auto Targeted Bone (Head, Chest, Visible) - Select the bone you want Auto Aim is to aim for you. Visible option checks which area is visible to you and aims for that (but will only check 16 important bones from total of 86 to avoid resource intensive visibility checks).
Aim Active Field of View (FREE, 10° - 180°) - Now you can limit Field of View (also known as FOV) in order to avoid from suspecious Aimbot-enabled killing. With this enabled, others will never see you turning like crazy to kill someone who's at way off to your sides, because you'll not.
Override FOV for Nearby Enemies - This will allow you to enable or disable Aimbot Critical Distance Prioritizing when you have Aim Active Field of View enabled. So nearby targets in 12 meters radius will take priority over others regardless of selected field of view limitation.
Target Lock While Invoked - This will lock into the same target while holding Aim invoker button. This way, others will almost never suspect you because it won't switch between multiple targets while using Aimbot (however this is still experimental, and cannot be used with "Prioritized Targets by Distance").
Prioritize Targets by Distance - This will automatically aim at the closest visible enemy to your position when enabled. This can be used in combine with "Aim All Around You" option to aim closest player in any direction. (Resource Intensive a bit as it always checks for closest enemy, and cannot be used with "Target Lock While Invoked")
Aim Heavy Gunner's Chest - No matter what bone position you set, if you enabled this, it'll always aim at Heavy Gunner's chest (possibly back in combination with Magnet which I'll describe below).
Auto Shoot/Auto Fire - This will automatically fire shots from your equipped weapon to the automatically acquired target - if there's any, and is alive and is visible. (Will not perfectly work with Sniper Rifles because of the accuracy. Use a Rifle or a SMG)
Show Probable Hit Markers - This will show the probably hit place on the targeted entity while using Aimbot/Auto Aim. Area will be highlighted in Yellow with a circle on visible enemies and wherever you can use Aimbot/Auto Aim.
Magnet (Only Available for PvE: Coop & Survival. Restricted Intentionally)
Enable Magnet (Melee Kills Only) - Enables or disables the Magnet. Magnet is currently can be used with Melee Weapon only. (Note: by default Heavy Gunners, Helicopters, Mechs and Shield Bearers will not be teleported for your own safety)
Magnet Invoker Button - Select the button you wants to assign for Magnet. Click the box and press a key to assign it.
Magnet Invoking Type (HOLD, TGLE) - Select how you want the Magnet Invoker Button to work. Either by pressing and holding (HOLD) or toggling (TGLE).
Magnet Distance (0, +1 to +17) - Choose the distance you want your enemies to teleported to you, from your position. Some settings below will override this.
Magnet Heavy Gunners - Will also Magnet Heavy Gunners to you disregarding the default settings.
Magnet Shield Bearers- This will allow you to teleport Shield Bearers regardless of the default settings.
Teleport Only Visible Enemies - This will only teleport visible enemies to you when enabled.
Easy Headshots - This will always keep teleported enemies head level to your melee hand level (of course except heavy gunners). So every shot is a headshot (will also work when you crouched and proned)
Visible Enemy Color - You can select the color you want for visible enemies to get highlighted.
Hidden Enemy Color - You can select the color you want for hidden enemies (by wall or something) to get highlighted.
Visible Objects Color - You can select the color you want for visible explosives and weapons to get highlighted.
Hidden Objects Color - You can select the color you want for hidden explosives and weapons (by wall or something) to get highlighted.
Special Enemy Color (NEW) - You can select the color you want for special enemies selected by "Assists" features.
Name and Status Color - Select the color you want for the Enemy status text.
Show Crosshair on Screen - This will draw a basic crosshair for those who don't like the default in-game crosshairs.
Draw Enemy Radar - Draws Enemy Radar on screen which shows nearby enemies within 50 meters radius. (Resource Intensive when in combine with Full ESP)
Draw Enemy Lines in Radar - Draws lines to the enemy blips in the radar. (Resource Intensive when in combine with Full ESP)
Enable Casper (Go Through Walls) - Enable or disables Casper. Currently known to be not working. But there are few ways, I'll leave it for you guys to find out.
Casper Hold Button - Select the button you want to assign for Casper. Click the box and press a key to assign it.
Customize as you want it with millions of colors!
16.7 million color combinations (16,777,216 to be exact) to chose from!


This can be run on any machine as long as it can run Warface without any problem. Otherwise you need:
Warface NA or EU version installed (either normal or Steam version)
Microsoft DirectX 2010 Redistributable installed
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable installed
DLL Injector like "Extreme Injector" or better yet "XENOS Injector" (the best so far)
At least 4GB of RAM (otherwise your game will crash on second gameplay). 6GB or 8GB recommended.
Turn OFF any Anti-Virus software and exit them from the task bar!
Download the ZIP and extract it to somewhere (Turn OFF any memory scanning softwares as well).
Download an injector (I recommend Extreme Injector or XENOS Injector, XENOS is the best)
DO NOT open the game! First run the Injector as administrator (Right click -> "Run as administrator")
Select the DLL file from the extracted location by clicking appropriate button.
Set Injection Mode to Automatic (In XENOS: "Manual lunch"), also set Injection Method to Manual Map or Kernel Mode (Manual Map).
Type the process name as "Game.exe" (without quotes) or select it.
Leave it in background and now start the game.
It'll inject the DLL into process and close itself. Now Enjoy!
This is optional, but for better performance, Alt + Tab to the desktop and set "Game.exe" priority to High on task manager.
Press Home (POS1 for EU keyboards) when you're in the game's main menu, press same to close.
Important - DO NOT press Home while the game loads, because it'll not bypass the Anti Cheat properly. Actually it'll, but the memory will be overwritten. Press Home when you're in main menu. Otherwise you'll get kicked for suspected cheating.

Known Issues
With Chams enabled and on PvP: Airbase map, there are few other environmental elements getting highlighted as well. Currently suggests that you turn off Chams for that map until we investigate this.
Most times even when we turned off Quick Knife hack, it still perform the quick knife animation
Also, if you enabled it twice, it has like x2 effect on melee-ing, which was not the original intention.
If a color palette selected by clicking an item in "Others", you need to click it again to close. Leaving it open and trying to open another color palette may overdraw the previous palette. Have to fix it and close all other color pallets if another one clicked by user.

Version (2015 July 26 WORKING) LATEST
+ Fixed a bug which caused to never erase vertex object data from the memory after a drawing.
+ Due to the above change, and some other several changes, memory usage with hack injected should be much lower.
+ Fixed a bug which caused to crash the game when tried to change the resolution or to minimize/maximize the game window (mostly when you're in fullscreen).
+ Fixed a bug which caused "Overlay" elements (known as ESP) to draw over the menu instead under the menu. Now, menu is the topmost layer of drawings.
+ Fixed a bug with settings load function causing to load incorrect default colors to some color settings at "Others" section.
+ "Visible Special Enemy Color" and "Hidden Special Enemy Color" default colors has been swapped and "Visible Special Enemy Color" has been set to light blue.
+ Fixed several more minor bugs in the loop which caused lags in some instances.

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