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[Outdated Public] NiggerMenu v4.20
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NiggerMenu v4.20

F4 - activate
NUM2/8/4/6 - navigate thru the menus and lists (numlock must be on)
PgUp/PgDn/Left Arrow/Right Arrow - navigate thru the menus and lists
ENTER/NUM5 - select
O/NUM3 - super break
\| or NUM9 - speed boost
=+/NUM+ - vehicle rockets
[ - fly forward in hancock mode
] - fly up in hancock mode
; - anti-crash (deletes closest peds)

Download and Install ScriptHook (ScriptHook V)
Extract the files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V (Steam)


Skip intro and legal warnings
No flickering in and out of passive mode/invisibility
Add custom rp amount
Removed money drop on self from online player menu (Downgrade to 1.24 if you need to drop money).
Added 1.28 DLC Vehicles and Weapons


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