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Release [UPDATED] Warface Hack
Features and Menu Options

Also remember that you can toggle between first person and third person by pressing End button in your keyboard!

Basics I
  • Draw Direct3D Screen Tests - Draws multiple objects on your screen to test your device capabilities to run the hack.

  • Full Weapon Accuracy - Enables full accuracy, which will improve your accuracy stabilization.

  • No Weapon Recoil - Eliminates the recoil from your weapon causing the weapon to be less shaky when you shoot.

  • No Weapon Bullets Spreading - Bullets will impact on same position you aim at rather than drilling holes around your target.

  • Remove Flashbang Effects - Eliminates the flash bang effect so you'll still have visibility while a flashbang blinds others.

  • Unlimited Sprinting - Infinite Sprinting, run as much as you like. You'll not get tired.

  • Remove Shaders and Effects - Enables full bright. This removes shaders and effects to deliver brighter textures possible, easing your vision.

  • No Damage From Falling (NEW) - Removes the damage you get from falling from a height.
Basics II
  • Rapid Fire Rate (NEW) - Allows your weapon to fire faster rate than your standard RPM. Available Fire Rates are x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10. Warning: Immediate ban if caught!

  • Swing Melee Weapon Faster (NEW) - Allows you to swing your melee weapon much faster causing much more damage to the enemies in your melee weapon range.Warning: Immediate ban if caught!

  • Slide For Longer Distances (NEW) - Slide as much as you want .This will allow you to slide for much longer distances! Warning: Immediate ban if caught!

  • Shoot Through Walls (NEW) - Allows you to shoot enemies through walls. Remember that if you enabled this all enemies at your aiming direction will marked as visible (so colors changes) even they're really not. That's what Wall Shot is all about. Note: with this enabled, you may not able to climb certain objects sometimes, such as pushable crates. To climb them simply disable this Warning: Immediate ban if caught!

  • Make Walls Transparent (NEW) - This will turn solid walls into transparent wall allowing you to see what's behind that!

  • Switch To Wireframe Mode (NEW) - This will switch to Wireframe mode allowing you too see all kind of objects behind an object.

  • Floor Dive (Up Down Buttons) (NEW) - Playing Tower? Getting vaporized? No problem. Now elevator works both ways!  LOL Press Down Arrow button to start diving into the floor and go to the floor below it. Remember to disable diving by pressing Up Arrow too! (If you pressed down arrow and seems nothing happening, jump multiple times or walk a bit and it'll start diving... when you're falling press up arrow quickly to stay on top of the floor below it. Or otherwise it'll fall you indefinitely)  Warning: Immediate ban if caught!
  • Enable Classes Overloading - Enables or disables the entire classes overloading/looping according to your choice. Leaving you with memory hacks in "Basics" tab if you disables this (act as kind-of "Safe Mode" for this hack).

  • Prefer & Use Chams Over ESP - Prefers and uses Chams over the ESP. This will disable "Show Enemy Skeleton". Because we have Chams! 

  • Show Enemy Linking Lines - Draws a line starting from center of your screen (from crosshair) to the enemy's head who are in the screen.

  • Show Enemy Skeleton - Draws Enemy Skeleton on enemies to see which pose they are in.

  • Show Names and Distances - Draws Enemy's name and distance to him in meters. Distance color changes according to how much enemy closes to you.

  • Show Enemy Extra Status (Resource Intensive) - Draws extra statistics of the enemy, including 3 stance positions, 13 activities and 8 holster item status.

    • Stance Position: Standing
    • Stance Position: Crouched
    • Stance Position: Proned
    • Activity: Reloading
    • Activity: Refilling Ammo
    • Activity: Healing
    • Activity: Switching Weapons
    • Activity: Climbing
    • Activity: In Coop Action
    • Activity: Pushing Object
    • Activity: Sliding
    • Activity: Jumping
    • Activity: Running
    • Activity: Walking
    • Activity: Sprinting
    • Activity: Camping
    • Equipped: Primary
    • Equipped: Pistol
    • Equipped: Melee Weapon
    • Equipped: Grenades
    • Equipped: Ammo Pack
    • Equipped: Med Kit
    • Equipped: Defibrillator
    • Equipped: Armor Kit
  • Show Enemy Health/Armor - Draws Enemy's health status and armor status including graphical bar. Changes colors according to enemy's health and armor status.

  • Highlight Enemies in 3D Boxes - Draws Enemy Bounds as a 3D box.

  • Highlight Explosives & Weapons - Highlight explosives such as Mines, Granades, Clamores and Smokes and interact-able Weapons.
  • Enable Aimbot/Auto Aim - Enables or disables the Aimbot/Auto Aim.

  • Auto Aim Hold Button (LMB, E) - Select the Auto Aim invoker button. LMB is Left Mouse Button (Click) and E.

  • Auto Targeted Bone (Head, Chest, Visible) - Select the bone you want Auto Aim is to aim for you. Visible option checks which area is visible to you and aims for that (but will only check 16 important bones from total of 86 to avoid resource intensive visibility checks).

  • Aim All Around You - Select whether you want to aim all enemies around you or just the ones on your visibility range on the current screen.

  • Aim Heavy Gunner's Chest - No matter what bone position you set, if you enabled this, it'll always aim at Heavy Gunner's chest (possibly back in combination with Magnet which I'll describe below).
  • Enable Magnet (Melee Kills Only) - Enables or disables the Magnet. Magnet is currently can be used with Melee Weapon only. (Note: by default Heavy Gunners, Helicopters, Mechs and Shield Bearers will not be teleported for your own safety)

  • Magnet Invoker Button (CAPS, CTRL, F) - Select the button you wants to assign for Magnet. Caps Lock, Left Control or F.

  • Magnet Invoking Type (HOLD, TGLE) (NEW) - Select how you want the Magnet Invoker Button to work. Either by pressing and holding (HOLD) or toggling (TGLE).

  • Magnet Distance (0, +1 to +17) - Choose the distance you want your enemies to teleported to you, from your position. Some settings below will override this.

  • Magnet Heavy Gunners - Will also Magnet Heavy Gunners to you disregarding the default settings.

  • Magnet Helicopters - Will also Magnet Helicopters to you. This setting overrides the "Magnet Distance". Because you magnet helicopters to shoot with RPG right? So you don't want it close to you. It will magnet it a bit far and on higher than the ground level, allowing you to shoot. (This known to be not working on most times)
  • Visible Enemy Color - You can select the color you want for visible enemies to get highlighted.

  • Hidden Enemy Color - You can select the color you want for hidden enemies (by wall or something) to get highlighted.

  • Visible Objects Color - You can select the color you want for visible explosives and weapons to get highlighted.

  • Hidden Objects Color - You can select the color you want for hidden explosives and weapons (by wall or something) to get highlighted.

  • Name and Status Color - Select the color you want for the Enemy status text.

  • Draw Enemy Radar - Draws Enemy Radar on screen which shows nearby enemies within 50 meters radius. (Resource Intensive when in combine with Full ESP)

  • Draw Enemy Lines in Radar - Draws lines to the enemy blips in the radar. (Resource Intensive when in combine with Full ESP)

  • Enable Casper (Go Through Walls) - Enable or disables Casper. Currently known to be not working. But there are few ways, I'll leave it for you guys to find out.

  • Casper Hold Button (SHIFT, B) - Select the button you want to assign for Casper. Left Shift or B.
  • Download the ZIP and extract it to somewhere.

  • Download an injector (I recommend Extreme Injector)

  • DO NOT open the game! First run the Extreme Injector as administrator (Right click -> "Run as administrator")

  • Set Injection Mode to Automatic (Settings -> tick "Auto Inject"), also set Injection Method to Manual Map (if you're using Extreme Injector).

  • Type the process name as "Game.exe" (without quotes)

  • Leave it in background and now start the game

  • It'll inject the DLL into process and close itself. Now Enjoy!

  • Press Home (POS1 for EU keyboards) when you're in the game's main menu, press same to close
Important - DO NOT press Home while the game loads, because it'll not bypass the Anti Cheat properly. Actually it'll, but the memory will be overwritten. Press Home when you're in main menu. Otherwise you'll get kicked for suspected cheating.

Known Issues
With Chams enabled and on PvP: Airbase map, there are few other environmental elements getting highlighted as well. Currently suggests that you turn off Chams for that map until we investigate this.

Most times even when we turned off Quick Knife hack, it still perform the quick knife animation 

In Next Update (NEW)

These are the features that are currently scheduled for be in the next update, if you follow my rules you'll get the next update. Please also understand the technical limitations we has. These could be either be in the next update or postponed for later.

Pending: Proximity Sensor - As soon as someone get's near you according to a radius you can set via the menu, you'll get alerted

Pending: Easy Headshots - New feature to this awesome Magnet. This will always keep teleported enemies head level to your melee hand level (of course except heavy gunners). So every shot is a headshot (will also work when you crouched) 

Done (Tested): Much more faster optimized operations with Basic I and Basic II hacks and it's toggling.


freakyy - Helping me with many stuffs and anything at all. Without him this would have been impossible.

asce1062 - For dozens of awesome never expiring memory hacks and Anti Cheat bypass method!

Geecko - Classes was first based on his and also helped with several things.

status2 - For Fast Knife, Long Slide and Wall Shot addresses!

RutSS - For the Rapid Fire/Rate of Fire addresses and many more!

MayLo - This hook first built based on his source code (however later improved and seperated)

Sumudu - One of my friends who risked his account to test all my experiments.  (still not banned)

We volunteered so much time creating this hack and more time than that to make it stable, so why don't you take 5 seconds to appreciate whatever I did and add a reputation? After all it costs you nothing...

Version (2015 March 21 WORKINGLATEST

+ Support for NA/EU Warface version

+ Now basic hacks are "noob-friendly" as it have a name with a little description.

+ "Select Game Type" selector removed. Game Mode is automatically detects and selects itself when you enters a game (after the level loading).

+ Aimbot & Magnet now only available for PvE (Coop & Survival)

+ Added hacks: No Fall Damage, Quick Knife, Rapid Fire, Long Slide, Wall Shot, Wall Hack, Wall Frame, Under The Map. Thanks to @asce1062, @status2 and @RutSS.

+ Fixed PvE Bots Skeletons, which was messed up because Bone IDs are different from PvP to PvE.

+ Fixed game crash problem when turning off previously turned on hack. Specially "No Recoil", "Full Bright" and "Quick Knife".

+ D3D menu redrawn from scratch. Now every element is dynamic.

+ Added "Magnet Invoker Type" option which determine how Magnet key should invoke (as for the request of a user).

+ Chams addresses has been updated.

+ All Warface Classes and Wrappers has been updated to the new version.
+ Many minor bugs has been fixed and optimized to work faster.

Attached Files
.rar   WarfaceUniversal.rar (Size: 130.68 KB / Downloads: 28)
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Thanks for sharing my friend Smile
//File is save //Approved

Will be updated very very soon


+ New feature for the Magnet: "Easy Headshots" - This will always keep teleported enemies head level to your melee hand level (of course except heavy gunners). So every shot is a headshot (will also work when you crouched and proned).
+ New feature for the Aimbot: "Prioritize Targets by Distance" - This will automatically aim at the closest enemy to your position when enabled. This can be used in combine with "Aim All Around You" option to aim closest player in any direction (still on test stages).
+ Much more faster optimized operations with Basic I and Basic II hacks and it's toggling.
+ More smooth and reliable "Automated Game Type Detection" method.
+ Fix for ESP is not showing up on FFA (Free For All) because of a bug on "Automated Game Type Detection".
+ EndScene looping is now more robust and fast. Also Got rid of multiple strstr() functions. This means overall gameplay with hack ON will be even faster than before.
+ Fixed the bug with the Aimbot targeting all the entities around you without even selecting it's "Aim All Around You" option.
+ Fixed the bug where the Mech of the Cold Peak: Zenith mission is being teleported by the Magnet as well (however this hasn't been tested).
+ Potential bug fixed with "Aim Heavy Gunner's Chest" not aiming at chest properly (however this hasn't been tested).
+ Potential bug fixed with the Aimbot and Magnet which likely to include friendly entities on their operation.
+ Removed "Wall Shot" because of people keeps toggling it and it makes the whole gameplay buggy.

where is the file lel Big Grin



(03-22-2015, 02:38 PM)curkill Wrote: Thanks for sharing my friend Smile
//File is save //Approved

yaaaaa thankss

@curkill , please close ,detected/patched

    • Activity: Reloading
    • Activity: Refilling Ammo
    • Activity: Healingdryg0thkjjhijhijghijiothjifjihjijhiijhijxijhijhi jxhjjtihthgfhfhfhg

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