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Hey guys, so apparently we are getting heavely ddosed right now, as you can see below!

the attacks on the right are a total of 27 Million (27000000)
and the whole GB sent was around 54 Gb

all that got sent in 30 min and i had our ddos protection off, to make our site as fast as possible, but still non of the attacks reached/affected our forum Wink

so i hope the guy attacking us reads it and is happy that nothing happened, thanks for the free stresstesting!
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Just a small update :
Attacks have been ongoing since 8 hours and our forum recieved 1 min of downtime when i accidently messed something up, and our ddos protection is still off

so idk what that myserious guy is trying to do but its funny as hell Big Grin but please tell us what you are trying to do with your attacks LOL

Really sad news, the attacks apparently stopped, after reaching a new highscore of 43 million attacks in 30 min!

Gotta give him credit he was trying hard!!!!!

Still wanna know who was that crazy and ddos a site for 8 hours Big Grin

it is probably other forum's action, they just want to bring down their competetors

True, pussy's

yeah but we didnt even lagg, it was quit amusing Big Grin

You got it all wrong, he was dosing you. He went into his cmd and dos'd the forum. But his shitty internet couldn't take it and blew up. RIP satly 6 year old.
[Image: KI7qWg4.jpghttp:]

hahaha yeah, thats why they suddenly stopped!

ez nub get rekt skid i ddos even better with cmd Smile

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