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Release Pean's AHK MultiScript FINAL Recoil Reducer
Recoil Reducer CS:GO Vac Safe 100% No Ban + Bhop


Vac - Undetected

How to use

First you need to download AHK 
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Set windows sensitivity to middle
[Image: e591fd6885456601a9204c8548431f48.png]

In CSGO console type m_rawinput 1 (or enable raw input)
Dpi and resolution doesn't matter.
If m_rawinput is not on 1, the recoil will not work.

Now you can download the recoil reducer script.

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Autohotkey must be installed first before you can open the script file. Before you open the script file, make sure to right click and click edit.
Look for sens=
and zoomsens=

IT, AND I SAY IT! Must be the same as in CSGO.

[Image: 65595c0602f838ad608534a921c59b50.png]

[Image: 58ae1b6d647713ae3e3dff4607dfad3a.png]

Bunnyhop - F1 toggle (hold space to bunny hop)
Rapid fire - F2 toggle (hold middle mouse to rapid fire)
Perfect 180 turnaround - F3 toggle (press T to do 180°)
AK-47 norecoil - default F4
M4A1-S norecoil - default F6
M4A4 norecoil - default F7
Famas norecoil - default F8
Galil norecoil - default F9
UMP-45 norecoil - default F12
AUG norecoil - default Home
SG 553 norecoil - default End
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Thanks a lot for sharing bro <3

Nice recoil

nice copy and paste

Ty m9 love u long time

thanks m8!

Thanks for sharing!

noice 1 mate

(01-18-2016, 08:02 PM)Naruto Wrote:  

Thanks dude thats awesome Big Grin

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