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Skype De-obfuscated Version Release + Tutorial how to log any IP!!!!!!
Thanks bro, it's working

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(03-04-2016, 07:06 PM)JasonCrank Wrote:
I'm releasing Skype, version de-obfuscated.

What is so useful of the de-obfuscated Skype?

The main usage of the de-obfuscated Skype is finding the IP address of the user you are talking to.

Skype is P2P, making it easily possible to sniff the traffic of the user you are talking to, exposing their network.

One perk of using the de-obfuscated Skype version I'm releasing, is that even if you have a VPN and/or proxy(s) being used, you can still see the end-to-end traffic, even though the packets are being encrypted.

How do you use this to find an IP address of a certain user?
Here are the steps to easily find the IP address of a certain user:

  • Download the version of Skype I am releasing at the bottom of the thread. (Don't run Skype yet!)
  • Run the .reg file, "Enable Logging.reg"
  • Run Skype, and log into Skype.
  • Add the user you are trying to find the IP address of. (You must be friends with them on Skype!)
  • Open the message menu. (You don't have to send them a message)
  • Right click their avatar/profile picture, and click view profile.
  • Go to the file location that the Skype.exe is located in.
  • Right click -> Edit the debug-yyyy/mm/dd-time#1 file. (Notepad++ required)
  • CTRL + F and click "Regular expression" under "Search Mode" near the bottom left.
  • Enter <Name>.*( r )[1-9] <-- Remove the spaces between the ( ) and the R. under "Find what:" Replace <Name> with the username of the user who you would like to resolve the IP address of.
  • Under the first result, you should see a -r<IP address> log. That is their IP address!

That is all the steps you need to take! Still need help? Here are some pictures to help you if you are stuck, or don't know where something is.

NOTE! I will provide pictures of what to do in Skype, when I get the chance.





Skype De-obfuscated Version Download:

File down? PM me or post here, and I will reupload it.

If you ever need help, just PM me!

Damn epic dude!

Unfortunately this no longer works. Won't login, due to the version being too old.

Needs to be patched somehow, to allow it to sign in.
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Thanks. this is helpfull!!

tryin to pull ips lmao

sad this doesn't work now rip

no longer works
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hey hope it works thanks

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