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League of Legends Forum Rules
Welcome to the rules section.

Please read the rules easy and take it easy.

Please follow the rules. If else, You will get warned / Banned ( 2 Warnings before ban. Ban for 1-7 days and I choose the days. )

League of Legends Rules

1. No posting viruses or anything infected. After a user post a download link, Let us approve it.

2. Post a virus scan link in the post.

3. We are not responsible if your account(s) got banned. If you use hacks, You accept the fact you may get banned at anytime.

4. No posting outdated / old hacks.

5. You can post anything you want to but it must talk about League of Legends.

6. No outdated zoomhacks. Every time you post a zoomhack you must tell the version it used for.

7. The TOS and Common Rules still apply here aswell!

8.Enjoy the forum and CrankGaming it self! If you read it and think im mad or something, Im happy that you stay here. Keep being online and update us!

Thank you for reading the rules.
Have a good day!  Smile
(This post was last modified: 04-09-2016, 10:59 AM by JasonCrank.)

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