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[Updated] Dark Mystic v4.0
Dark Mystic

Info: This tool is 2 years old, it has alot of bugs. If you want a new bot without bugs n shit, search for "LeBot". This bot will be posted here soon.

- A major change to both Attack Bot and Bot Manager System, changes include:
Attack Bot is now able to detect the distance between you and the target and will automatically approach if needed.
Attack Bot can now accurately execute skills if it's available or not.
The Bot Manager handles quests accept and completion better than before.
This might be a little late, but the Bot Manager can now be told when to rest according to HP and MP percentage values.
Although this might seem a bit annoying, skills can only be added when you're logged in.
Get Map Item command now available
Removed boosts from Bot Manager as they seem depreciated
Added a status label in Bot Manager, although might seem useless.
- Auto Relogin: Now works better than the last which was seemed to be bugged e.e
- Bot Packaging: Allows you to load bots and package them in a single file with the extension (.dmbotpack)
- Preset Bots: I know all Dark Mystic versions never have bot presets in it, but this time, Dark Mystic can now have preset bots that the community can contribute to.
- Some basic trainer functions:
Quest load
Shop load
Quick access to enhancement shops
Class name change
Username change
Name color and outline color change
Bank toggle
FPS toggle
Customize armor
Customize color
Enable chat
Unmute me

All in all, the bot is smarter than before.

Q: What is a Bot Package (.dmbotpack) and how do I use it?
A: Bot Packaging (.dmbotpack) is a new feature in Dark Mystic that allows you to load a package of bots which the community made.

Q: How do I create a bot pack?
A: In order to create a bot pack, you must first input the commands/load a DM Bot File into Bot Manager. Specify the Bot Name then click "Add Bot to Pack", you can add lots of bots into it. After that, hit Save Package and don't forget the (.dmbotpack) extension while writing the file name.

Q: The preset bots is only Arcangrove! This release sucks.
A: The preset bots are loaded online and only I can update the package. As time goes, I'll be getting someone to help me filling up the preset bot package or you could contribute by telling me if you want your bot to be added in the preset package.

Q: This release is buggy, it sucks.
A: You should openly tell me as to where so I can address the problem.

Q: Where have you been? It's been a whole year since Dark Mystic was last updated.
A: I have a life to attend to.

Q: There is no packet spammer.
A: I don't see the need to add a packet spammer unless there are new ways to trick the AQW server by modifying sent packets.

Q: I don't like the plain interface, the last version was better.
A: I like it simple, problem?

Credits: MysticaVII

VirusScan: VirusTotal

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Big Grin em wut xd.
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Thank you very much Smile

seems legit i will try it out

AQWorlds Leveling Bots Levels 1-75AQWorlds Leveling Bots Levels 1-75AQWorlds Leveling Bots Levels 1-75

Very Good Very Nice



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Thanks going to check it out Big Grin
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Im going to check this out

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