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1. In-Game Name: IamHelius
2. Steam Username: Darwin Nagel
3. First Name: Darwin
4. Age: 16
5. Location/Timezone: GMT 2+
6. Are you interested in joining one of our competitive teams?: Sure
7. What games do you play?(List): Minecraft, Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, GTA V, Driver San Francisco.
8. How did you find us?(If referred add who): 
9. Why do you want to be a part of Crank (150 word minimum): 

To be able to help out the staff with maintaining Crank and to be able to help out the                                                               members. I could bring a lot of activity on as a staff member and able to help out a                                                                 lot. I can post a lot of posts and can make some good quality threads now and then.
I can share a lot of content on Crank.

10. Why do you deserve to be a Moderator(150 word minimum):

Cause I can help out Crank to grow even more than it is now, and I can be of huge help to                                                           it, if I am to become a moderator. I can advertise Crank if it needs more members, and I                                                           can invite my friends to it. I can moderate the posts that appear on the website and I                                                             can stop enemies from coming to our website.

11. Can you donate(This does not affect acceptance): A little. Just the cents I make on BTC from time to time. Don't have any online money
12. Do you have any conflicts with our current members: Nope
13. Do you have a microphone: Yes
14. Write a brief background about yourself so we can better know you(50 word minimum):

I am a guy that loves to play games and love to play Call of                                                                                       Duty with others. I also love to troll some people on                                                                                               Teamspeak. I also love to play Golf and Tennis as it's my                                                                                             favorite sports.

15. You hereby agree to follow our Rules & Policies(Agree/Disagree): Agree
16. Fun fact about yourself: I love to troll skids
17. Which forum or section would you like to moderate: All of them. I really don't mind to moderate all of them.

Rules to Apply
1. You must be around 13 years of age.
2. Respect all players, the council, and community members.
3. No Trolling, Flaming, or stealing other peoples work.
4. Be active in all aspects of the community including the forums and try to have around 50 posts for now.

Ways to get Accepted
1. Be extremely active and helpful.
2. Be active in our forums, and community.
3. Follow all rules.
4. Donate if you can, this will certainly show us you are interested in our community.
5. Get Some Members in Which will pull up your chances very much!

Ways to get Rejected
1. Spam the forums.
2. Disrespect members or Rules.
3. Not be active without reason.
4. Request people to vote yes to your applications.

Sounds good to me, i think i you will receive the supermoderator rank so you can maintain everything <3 Thanks for the application, took you forever to finally make one xD

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