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No advertising or quoting an advertisement. (Permanent Ban)

No direct/indirect advertising or quoting of rule breaking content. (Permanent Ban)

No spamming or emote spam outside of the spam section. (1 Day Ban)

No trolling outside of general sections. (2 Day Ban)

No scamming of any kind. (Permanent Ban)

No accessing other CrankGaming members accounts or computers without permission. (Permanent Ban)

No disrespecting staff. (5 Day Ban)

No disrespecting CrankGaming. (Permanent Ban)

No creating threads in the wrong section. (1 Day Ban/Move of The Thread)

No flaming members outside of the flaming section. (2 Day Ban)

No bumping dead threads for no important reason. (3 Day Ban)

No misusing/soliciting forum rewards, including on yourself. (However putting along the lines of "Rep/Thank me if I helped you" is acceptable) (3 Day Ban)

No "asking"/begging for something outside of it's respective section. (2 Day Ban)

No nazi or racist comments. (5 Day Ban)

No requesting close/ban/delete/approve/move. No requesting period. (Infraction)

No posting of keyloggers, viruses or phishers. (Permanent Ban)

No posting of botnet, phishing or viral, server hacking material. (Removal of Post after Report)

No impersonating Crank staff. (Permanent Ban)

No selling/buying/trading Crank accounts. (Permanent Ban)

No requesting to join a user group. (7 Day Ban)

No changing a staff member's quote in a post. (3 Day Ban)

No posting of warez (copy written material) or material infringe on copyrights. (Removal of Post after Report)

No ban evasion on an alternate account for serious bans. (Permanent Ban)

No inappropriate images (Keep it 13+). (Permanent Ban)

No directly posting pirated/infringing material. (Removal of Post after Report)

No replying to threads with images (without any on-topic text) unless it is in an image thread in general (Infraction)

No posting of personal information. (Permanent Ban)

No recruiting. (Permanent Ban)

No selling of hacks, menus, scripts, loaders or any other cheating/hacking related material (includes free offer with purchase).(Permanent Ban)

No distribution of cheating/hacking material besides in thread as an approved attachment... (Permanent Ban)

No quoting original posts in reply and not putting anything yourself. If caught more than twice, we will delete all your posts disregarding what they are. (2 Day Ban)
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I hope our community will accept these rules and obey them :)

(03-23-2015, 11:25 PM)Bonebreiker Wrote: I hope our community will accept these rules and obey them Smile

if not we have mods and admins fucking them up!

Rules accepted! Smile

I hope new members realize the importance of these rules otherwise its a banning party for us Tongue

Thumbs Up 
Rogerthat!YESBOSS Angel

banning time when thy disobey m8


Decent set of rules, will be sure to follow them.

You Better hahah <3

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