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ProClient 3.2 Release
Developer of the Client is: ProMcHacks
(Oh and No Virus so no worries [Image: happy.gif] )
Copied Description....
the killaura watchdog bypass was patched about 1-2 days ago sadly but I have an other idea imma try it

Most of the client is either bad, skidded or both xD but theres a few things I wanted to keep so I obfuscated the client, if you wanna see a not obfuscated version check out 2.9 you can look and skid idc

most of the client is bad but a few things are good like killaura watchdog bypass and hypickle fly ( -hypickle )

if you play with the console open and see it getting spammed crazy with bounch of stuff like "sending blink packets" and shit like that its cuz I use system.out.println to find out the errors in the codes and never remove them xD


download is 3.2.1 cuz I fixed a few little things before releasing [Image: catface.gif]

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Oh And you can Crash server's with it Big Grin woep
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I love the crash server Part, keep up the amayzing shares bro!

Nice will see this i need it

Nice will see this i need it gg good client lmao
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Thanks,I like the crash server part <3

Thanks you dude i like it

Cool  Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Smile

Smile Smile Smile thx for this leak m8 Big Grin

dude ty very much for post


yo je taime trop LOL enfaite njon je taime pas duede

ce sujet et vraiment de la purettte
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