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My First Rap. "Old Days //Official Video //CrankCity"
Much Dank boys, just thought i could hit you fellas up with a short clip of me dropping my first rap for da lulz!

Will appreciate any feedback and opinions i can get my hands on.
Just remember this is no professional rap, just punched it out with a friend within 2 hours!
(Dont even start commenting on my gey german accent xD)


Got questions regarding lyrics or the state the room was in read the description of the vid <3

Get Hacked and Shreked. RIP HARAMBE. Right from CrankCity!
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wooow very noice dude
waiting for your new videos 
why dafuaq music  ?? and how !!
Selling Combos / Accounts / Methods / Tools 
for Spam & Cracking

Just Pm
[Image: 592590pizapcom14682379640101.jpg]

hahha thanks bro <3 doing it thanks to harambe

Awesome Rap! You da best.

i should definetely make every crank member watch it and spam their emails with it hehehe

Nice, 32x watched by me Tongue

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