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Crack Overwatch Aimbot [NEW!] [NOT KOREAN] [All Heroes] [AHK - EXE]
good thanks for uploading

Thanks for uploading will check it out.

(09-08-2016, 04:16 AM)Reverse™ Wrote: [Image: 3AGNzdM.jpg]
If you have gotten banned for using the Korean Aimbot, you are in the right place.

By using a smoothed aimbot with any aimkey you choose you are indistinguishable from the rest of the pros.


- Supports 1920x1080 (not tested with any other resolution)

- Smoothed Aimbot

- FPS Loss is nonexistant.

- Real Aimkey

- No pay2update. All updates and upgrades are to remain free.

- Works for all heroes, no need to tinker with settings for hours.

- Smart, no spins will occur in a fight.   - .EXE Added if you don't have AHK. 
Pricing: FREE 
With this aimbot I run at mostly 299-280 FPS @1920x1080.

And the main difference is that the aimbot WILL NOT start to jump/lagg randomly due to FPS loss or memory leaks. (non that i have seen anyway)

Most Korean users have configured high aimspeeds since their aimbot is not smooth due to FPS issues and memory leaks, this leads to easy reports and bans.

this cheat does not have any obvious snaps, it smoothly locks onto the enemy and you can pull your aim away slowly and the aimbot will push it gently back.
If you have used any 500$ CS cheats you know what I am talking about.

This is perfect for streaming.

But the most important part: IT IS RANKED COMPETITIVE PROOF.
You can climb with it and don't have to worry about anyone reporting you or being scared of your Play of the Game/Match showing any weird snaps or your crosshair going crazy which is very common for anyone using the Korean cheats. 
This cheat is modeled after AHK Color Aimbot meaning the cheat does not have any gui or sounds.
This aimbot is not meant for Spin Hacking/Rage Use. This is an aim assist cheat that is to help anyone that wants to play Overwatch for years without risking any bans whilst staying ahead.

Is it AHK?

Yes, but i added a compiled EXE inside if you need it.
Is it HP bar?

Is it Korean?

No. This is one shared on this forum but modified a little bit. 
Best Heroes?

All. Except Widowmaker as this isn't a triggerbot. 

Ban waves?

I've cheated through all banwaves and no bans.


Jason move thread to bots section. if have.

does this work ?

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oh! god demit!

[font][font]Wow ! Good Man!!!!!!!!!!![/font][/font]


Its nice program. Thanj you


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