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[Detected] Blockade Aimbot, Triggerbot, HACK!!!
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great product

  • Automation

    • Autom Aim

    • Aim Key

    • Trigger Bot

    • Customizable Aim FOV

    • Customizable Aim Speed

  • Visual

    • Bounding Box ESP

    • Name ESP

    • Trace Line ESP

  • Misc

    • Melee Nuke - Kills everyone in the game

    • Melee Long Range

    • No Fog

    • Chat Spam

    • Spoof Steam Id - Now random

Update log:

  • Update 0.0.0 - 0.18.2

    • Added adjustable aim FOV

    • Added adjustable aim speed

    • Added trigger bot

    • Added no fog

    • Added new style to GUI

  • Update 0.18.2 - 0.20.7

    • Authentication packet is now sent with proper flag index

    • Increased range for aim speed slider

    • Changed chat spam to something more appropriate

    • Added bypass for shitty client sided speed hack check

    • Steam id spoofing feature is now optional

    • Split code up into Update/OnGUI method so it's proper now

    • Added ability to toggle menu (invisible by default) - uses insert key

  • 0.20.7 - 0.24.9 (fucked up revision, cbf to fix)

    • Added trace line ESP

    • Auth packet is now rapidly sent with random data

    • Name is no longer masked to original name

    • Fixed rendering problem with bounding boxes/names being drawn together

    • Renamed ESP section to Visual

    • Optimized reflection API calls (should result in a significant performance boost)

    • Fields are no longer static (why was everything static?)

    • Fixed NPE problem with client initialization

    • Changed name ESP to resemble the one built into the game for teammates

    • Added long ranged melee attack

    • Redesigned OPK to instantly kill everyone on the server, and renamed it to "Melee Nuke"


  • Extract archive as is

  • Inject monoinj.dll into main.exe

  • Use insert to toggle the menu on and off

Known problems:

  • The game will crash on injection some times

Virus scans:

Other notes:

The cheat isn't obfuscated - feel free to decompile managed.dll and do whatever you want with it.

also dont forget you need atleast 1 post/comment/reply to download


[quote pid='40' dateline='1421437036']
Nice work ! I'll download it now !

i am an autist pls

I'll hope this will work

I need the Injector too....

can update? #bannedeverytime #dontwork
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ty for haksx

how to hack see links please

this is what i need now for this game


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