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Release GoManager 1.3.2 – Pokemon Go Multiple Bot Manager
still working?

hope it works

thanks guys

Proxy support <3 loving this shit <3

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thx bro  you are the best  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

thx ............
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(09-23-2016, 12:25 PM)Reverse™ Wrote:

[Image: Itet9QY.png]
[Image: AoPKRQJ.png]
[Image: S7dFkUm.png]
Note: This program uses the default theme and colors (excluding list views in account details). I’m using a custom windows theme, so yours will look different from these screenshots.

– Includes most features that public bots have.
– Stable. Won’t crash or get stuck in an infinite loop.
– Multiple Accounts.
– View Pokedex, Inventory, Pokemon, etc.
– Manually transfer/evolve pokemon. I don’t recommend doing this while the bot is running on the account, but I attempted to prevent any issues that can occur.
– Individual settings for every pokemon/item.
– Import a list of accounts.
– Proxy support

GoManager Configs:
  • Save as a json file to make things easier. You can import a config on the settings form (see screenshot).
  • Easiest No Snipe Safe Config
  • Warsaw safe (slow but SAFE) change Coordinates to your city keeping 85% pokemon
  • Amsterdam (100k exp/hr)
  • MonsterMaiden – Customized Config : Level + Evo + Keep Egg + Keep IV 100 + No Snipe (Level 1 – 30)
:: Notice from Developer ::
Minimum client version was changed to 0.35 on the server side. GoManager auto stops, by default, when that number changes from 0.33. It’s possible to disable it in your settings. Risk is for you to decide. Anything other than 0.37 requests (not reversed yet) carry the same risks. If the RE devs give up on 0.37, all bots die (including this one). If they figure it out and release the information, I’ll update the bot.

[Image: DJhRHEX.png]

Download Gomanager 1.3.2 -

install .netframework and open gomanager1.3.2

Just here to try this out :3

(02-16-2018, 03:59 AM)willgander Wrote: Just here to try this out :3

Nevermind, files aren't found
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Alright lets try this one then

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