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Rainbow Six Siege Money Farmer 50.000R in ~30 Min
(12-07-2016, 10:38 PM)JasonCrank Wrote: • REQUIREMENTS •
1) Cheat Engine
2) Tinytask and rec files (provided in this topic)
3) Rainbow Six Siege in Borderless or Windowed mode (This is really important)

The process is a little bit more complicate than before but it's still easy:

0) Extract Tinytask and the loop code files to your desktop
1) Open Rainbow Six Siege
2) Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and go on Task Manager
3) In Task Manager go on "Services" and search for BEService
4) Right click on it and then "Stop"
5) Now go back on Rainbow Six
6) Go in settings > Controls > Scroll down and search for "Customize Controls"
7) Search for "Primary Gadget" and bind the alternative button with "H"

Now you should have something like this:
 [Image: saprIXw.jpg]

8) Click apply and go back to the menu
9) Open Tinytask
10) Click on the folder icon and open the loop rec file.
11) Now click on the wrench / screwdiver icon on the right and press "Continous playback"
12) Start Cheat engine
13) Back on Rainbow Six start Situation N° 6

Now you'll need to do the usual Cheat Engine trick.
• Press the blimping computer icon in the upper left corner of the program
• Search for the Rainbow Six Siege process in the list that popped out and double click the process
• Go back to the game and reinforce a wall, then pause the game
• Go back again to Cheat Engine and type 10 in the text box under the word "Value"
• Press First scan and go back to the game
• Now reinforce another wall, go back to Cheat Engine, type 20 and now press Next Scan
• If there are more than 2 Address showing in the left box on Cheat Engine place a barricate a door, pause the game, go back on Cheat engine, type 25 and then again Next Scan
• Now you should have only 2 address, press CTRL and click on both of them to "highlight" them
• Press the little red arrow icon that points down right and you should "copy" the address to that board on the lower part of the program.
• Press again CTRL and click on them to highlight, then right click on one of those > Change record > Value > Type 20000 in the text box then press Ok
• This is really important; click on both of the little square under the voice "Active" near the address of which you have just changed the value. There should be a red cross in those square now.

... and now, let's farm!
14) On Cheat Engine press "Enable Speedhack" and set it to x5.0 or more (Don't abuse)
15) Kill the hostage
16) Go back to Tinytask and press the little green arrow, then go back to Rainbow Six and see the magic happen!

• Don't exit Rainbow Six before closing Tinytask otherwise you may create problems.
• You'll earn a lot of XP too, so be aware of this
• There is a cap of 50.000 Renown every 24H so don't panic if you can't earn any other cash, just wait 24H or maybe less. Same thing with XP
• Remember to start again BEService from Task manager when you finished farming or you will not be able to play online
• You can set the speedhack value even higher, just don't abuse of it and keep in mind that after like x10 you would not gain any more speed, you will just raise the crash chances
• In the files I uploaded you will find slowcodes and loopcodes. As the name suggest the slow code is much more slow, use this if your computer can't handle the Tinytask speed.
• There are alternatives loop code files aswell. If you have already binded the H button to some action you can use L instead and then use the L_slowcode / L_loopcode files.
• If your PC is too much slow and can't handle the speedhack, just lower it until the game is smooth enough

It's really simple, Cheat Engine change the ingame score and makes you earn 300 everytime the round finish, then Tinytask spam the H button (to throw and activate the smoke) and the space button that makes you go fast in the menus and restart the round.


All Credits go to Toxyte  thanks for uploading and creating!

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