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so i'm new here and i have to present myself
i'll answer the questions the best i can 
-Who invited you or how did you find us?
I just found this site randomly while looking for a netflix checker
-Why you want to be here?
seems like a good place to share arount info and tools
-Your knowledge and skills? (we don't require you to have any, you can be accepted without skill [Image: derp.gif] )
I don't really know that much about cracking but i managed to get myself some hbo and crunchyroll account so there's that
-What you will bring/share in Crank Gaming?
i will share the hits i get and have no use for (the surplus)
-Links to your profile on similar forums.
Feel free to write more info about yourself, as long as you answer the questions above.

Awesome, welcome to the fmaily bro Smile have a great stay!

Welcome Nice to meet you, Have a great stay at our crank community. [Image: cry.gif]

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