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hello! im a new guy
-Who invited you or how did you find us?
just searched some hack and i found it

-Why you want to be here?
i just want ur hack Smile not other, fake sry for my eng Smile

-Your knowledge and skills? (we don't require you to have any, you can be accepted without skill Smile ) uhm.. im a just one asian(korean)
im not have any skill.. T_T

-What you will bring/share in Crank Gaming?
if i have news or knowledg, i will share it in this site Smile

-Links to your profile on similar forums.
i dont understand what this mean.. sorry.. cuz my eng reading rly rly bad..

Feel free to write more info about yourself, as long as you answer the questions above.

Hihihi my boy Jason Will accept you soon

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