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Found Random BustaBit Script
Hey fellow Crankers,

today i am sharing a small BAB Script with you.

It is a random script which means it enters random values within a frame you decide on.

This script is nice in making short time profit, but i would never suggest it as long time investment script.

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Would love to year your opinion on it.
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Nice. Probably won't use this as i prefer to manual bet but ya never know.


I was more a manual guys aswell, but this one is kinda fun and also weird, cause its tots random. _Tongue


I would love to year your opinion also Smile fuck u jason
but stop stealign krazygirl76 from me or srsly dud ima fight u so plz stop

Formerly know as: Pain

changed name to kahoot because fuck it 


Thanks for sharing bro


Thanks for sharing


[quote = "JasonCrank"pid = '19889'dateline = '1484341187']
헤이 동료 Crankers,

오늘 나는 너와 작은 BAB Script를 공유하고있다.

이것은 임의의 스크립트로, 결정한 프레임 내에 임의의 값을 입력합니다.

이 스크립트는 짧은 시간에 이익을내는 데는 좋지만 장기간 투자 스크립트로 제안하지는 않습니다.

그것에 대한 당신의 의견을 사랑하고 싶습니다.


Thnks for sharing dude.


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