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Manual VS Script
Just thought it would be interesting to find out who prefers manual betting and who scripts.

To start off, i actually like both, i love the feeling when u manually bet and have calculated your own way and it works,
but then again nothing beats the feeling of leaving your pc and coming back and you earned money thanks to a script.

What ya say?

I definitely prefer manual betting. Feels so much faster to earn money as opposed to scripts, although they are more safe (apparently).

With manual betting I can also recover a lot quicker than I would be able to with a script or autobetting. 
I might try to script whilst i'm at school or something and see what the end result is though.

Hmm thats true, but whenever i start manual betting i get so addicted and do weird stuff, which makes no sense, int erms of recovering bits and i loose hard xD
i sucksssss

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