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Found Amazon technologies
I do not want this to be given out freely to people who do not deserve it and use the knowledge given to terrorize people
https://aws.amazon.com/ sign up for a 12 month free trial when you get to the verification using a credit card it can be any valid card even a gift card with a card number expiration date and csv2 code on the back of the card
when you complete the sign up and verify the account for a free 12 month trial go to the aws marketplace and search openvpn access server choose the 1 click start up it requires you to create a ec2 instance if you do not know how to then you do not deserve to use this after creating the ec2 instance create a network interface to link to it and a vpc to link to it then have the aws openvpn access server create the server it assigns you a ip address use the ip address to log in to the openvpn access server in a putty after you create a public ssh key for the server then log in to the server the username is openvpnas follow the instruction given by the server then log in to the openvpn access server using https://[the ip address given to you]:943 open the putty use the command line sudo passwd openvpn enter any password then use it to log in to the server on the web browser

thanks for the tut man Smile Amazon trial servers 10/10

Can only be topped by google servers, sweet sweet sweet

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