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All the ways to have advantages on Minecraft [LEGIT]
1 - Have a regedit (Orilation's regedit is very good [min $13])
2 - Have a VPN for gaming (VYPR VPN is very good), or a good DNS (this video to find good DNSs [ENGLISH])
3 - Set all svhosts and minecraft's priority to REALTIME in task manager
4 - Follow the methods in these videos [FRENCH] [VIDEO 1-VIDEO 2]
5 - You can also look at ElFly channel to have more new methods
These methods act on your connnection so they give reduced ping, smooth PvP xperience, better hit detection, faster KBs, etc...
With all of this (and a good aim and jitterclick Cool ) you will be one of the best PvP player in the world (and maybe top elo on Badlion/PotPVP)!
PS: im french - 14 years old - dont speak English very good - tryed to make a better post but dont know where are the drafts - interresed in computers - 4th and 5th method are not very reliable... Shy

whats the regedit for?

the other stuff can be a huge advantage, really nice tutorial man respect!!!

(04-20-2017, 07:45 PM)JasonCrank Wrote: whats the regedit for?

the other stuff can be a huge advantage, really nice tutorial man respect!!!
The regedit (in this case) modify the way how the packets (TCP/ACK i dont know LOL) is sended. Most of the regedit use TcpNoDelay and AckFrequency (i think) values, they are the main value but in the Orilation regedit there is other values that can give other advantages

Makes sense Smile

Gonna give it a shot later!

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