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Kill-X Private Cheat
[Image: xEscGIm.jpg]

New Undetected Rust Cheat


>Player Animals
>Resources (Nodes Trees Hemp ETC) All Toggle-able -Aimbot(AutoAim Hotkey)
-Fast Sprint Swim
-Super Jump(Gets you kicked sometimes)
-Free Cam
-Quick Mine (Speed Gather resources)
-Light Hack
-Turn Grass walls trees On Off(may crash game for trees)


-Tag & Remove Friends(Anti-Lock on)
-Lock onto Head Chest Left&Right(Arms Legs Hands Feet)


-If you get VAC banned I will refund half of what you spent
- One Time Purchase, you will get this cheat for LifeTime
-Updates for the cheat will be out with an hour or two of an updateSmile


Open Close Menu <NUM_*>
Navigate UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT <Arrow Keys>
Select Toggle on off <NUM_ENTER>

Thank You Bye Smile

Contact me?
Email 3xxx2xx2xx@gmail.com
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