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Sale GFX
SELLING GFX   (btw if not allowed let me know I will post somewhere else)

I didn't really know where else to post this, but I am just in need of a way of making money on PayPal in anyway I can and I figured
GFX may be the way to go. I'll post a picture on what I can do (I can also probably do more) so if you would like one
please contact me here or on discord. (ExecGaming#5198) also have a server but wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post it. 

Here's currently what I am using for my YouTube Banner
or you can scroll down and see the file I attached. It's all the same

I'll also sell my shitty skype tool that I made 

GFX (any kind) $1
Skype Tool $0.50

Please gimme some sales <3<3 (Honestly I'm trying to get a job but no where has called me back, trying to get a custom built pc, help the dream come true <3)

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Looking good!

Vouch for my boy Exec <3 Good luck with sales!

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