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Arma 3 Hack
Big Grin 
I Just started out in the Crank Community, so yeah. This Arma 3 hack includes: Wasteland, Normal, etc...
These few steps are to be done *ONCE*
---Run the OpenMe.vbs file---
1) Run Encrypt SQF.exe
2) Run De-Crypt SQF.exe
Anti Virus's may detect this as it is protected
by NetSeal and this program is Encrypting my SQF Files
---------Execution/Must do this everytime you restart Arma 3-------
1) Make/Create a Folder in arma 3 Install Folder
Call it: colours
2) Put all Scripts in that Folder [SQF Files]
3) Start Arma 3
4) Go into Editor
5) Start on Stratis
6) Double Click to place a unit
7) Look for the box named Initialzation
8) Go into your cheat folder and look for Scriptzzz
9) Paste EVERYTHING from Scriptzzz into that Box ingame
10) Click Preview
11) Wait 30 Seconds
12) CLick Numpad 1
13) Choose the Mod your playing
14) Click numpad 3
15) Leave Editor and Join you Server

Please msg me on my steam account if need update "Ifap2much xD" < Steam
And please donate to see more updates, and maybe even more hacks to come in the future
Download here:
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Virus scan :

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thank you very much for sharing
File is safe and working //Approved

[quote pid='3160' dateline='1435322781']
kool imma try -_-

it doesnt come with encrypt sqf

trying atm, thanks Big Grin

let the hidden content be revealed..

Thanks dude

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