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Simple Native Trainer 6.5 + ScriptHook
Simple Native Trainer v6.5 and ScriptHook

Supported game versions:

This ASI plugin allows you to run ingame GTAIV scripts written in any .Net language. Those languages are easy to learn and use, while they are still extremely powerful.
One noteable aspect of this hook is, that the scripting functions are organized in a .Net-typical class structure, which makes finding functions intuitive and easy.
And since you are able to develop scripts with Visual Studio, you'll get all benefits like code highlighting and IntelliSense.

Needed AsiLoader is already included.

Simple Native Trainer 6.5:
GTAIV NATIVE TRAINER V6.5 (16-02-2013) Menu system, Options (all options this trainer has to offer), Car Options (all car options), Bodyguard/Ped Spawning Car spawning (all models), Mission Help, Model Spawning (all models), Object Spawning, Teleporting, Teleporting save, Time, Weapons and Weather.

Includes Teleportation, Vehicle, Object and Bodyguard/Ped Spawning and the world's simplest speedometer. It's the most features mod menu out there.
Trainer works for IV,,,,,,, and and EFLC. It will support Single Play and Free and Party mode in both Live and Lan.

It needs ScriptHook. See above.

Warning! Simple Native Trainer supports gta 4 and the dlcs so you need to be careful and use the specific trainer files for the specific game.

1. Download the .rar file that includes ScriptHook and SimpleNativeTrainer.
2. Extract all files into your main folder of the specific gta4.
- If you have main gta4, use SimpleNativeTrainer for gta4.
- If you have The Ballad of Gay Tony, use SimpleNativeTrainer for TBoGT.
- If you have The Lost and Damned, use SimpleNativeTrainer for TLaD.
[Image: KSSAY7j.png]

3. If your gta4 is under v. (latest) or EFLC under (latest), then download the .rar for lower versions too and replace the ScriptHook.dll.



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.zip   gta 4 scripthook.zip (Size: 4.26 MB / Downloads: 21)
.rar   If gta4 under v1.0.7.0 or EFLC under v. then use this ScriptHook.rar (Size: 154.23 KB / Downloads: 18)

Hey, thanx for that !


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