Battlefield 5 cheap key
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Leak [DEAD]Vuno's CSGO League Hack. Leaked Cracked!
Hah seems nice,hope it works

thankyou so much i love you no homo.

good meme thanks for the ez dank cheat man

(09-28-2015, 08:54 PM)Kahoot Wrote: Hello people of crankgaming! today is a great day because someone has cracked one of the best CSGO Hacks Out there! 
This is a private hack that Vuno sells for $250! 
*Cracked By n0xius / Shidex*
VAC Status: Undetected
Keep in mind You can still get OW Banned! 
I have been using this hack for months now and I still have no vac till this day! 
Supported Anti-Cheats
-> VAC
-> ESL Wire
-> FaceIt
-> All anticheats except ESEA/EAC
-> State - 0 = Off 1 = Active 2 = Key
-> Key - Once key is held you will enable triggerbot.
-> Delay - Another straight forward feature, it will delay shoot.
-> EnemyOnly - Setting this to 0 will shoot teammates
-> ShootChest - Setting this to 1 will help make triggerbot steady
-> Smooth - This will determined how smooth you want the aim to lock on.
-> Recoil Control System - This controls your recoil in the triggerbot is active.
-> Overshoot - Makes the trigger bot shoot extra bullets. The higher, the setting, the more bullets.
-> State - 0 = Off 1 = Active 2 = Key
-> Auto - Automatically aim nearest to your cross hair.
-> Key - Once key is pressed you will enable Aimbot.
-> Start & Stop - The aimbot will only start after X bullets. & The aimbot will stop after X bullets.
-> Smooth - This will determined how smooth you want the aim to lock on.
-> Bone - Up to 39 bones to chose from.
-> FOV - Only aims at enemies in your FOV.
-> Visibility check - Only aims at a enemy if they've been spotted. Make sure radar hack is off.
-> Recoil Control System - This controls your recoil in the aimbot is active.
-> Autoshoot - Automatically shoots once aimbot sets angles
-> Autoshoot delay - Delay before shooting after view angels are set.
-> State - 1 = On 0 = Off
-> Key - Pick your key, this has to be active with your ingame jump key, default it is space bar keycode: 32
-> Delay - This is the delay between your jumps by milliseconds.
-> JumpKey - What ever your jump key is make sure you assign it to this, look for the keycode below.
-> ToggleKey - A toggle button to turn bunnyhop on or off
-> State - 0 = Off, 1 = Automatic, 2 = Key
-> Key - As long as key is held, radar will be on. This will disable aimbot vischeck!
-> Silent load - With this feature you can silently load the cheat into csgo.
-> StartCSGODelay - How long it takes to start csgo after steam is loaded
-> Auto offset updater - This will automatically update the offsets, so no more waiting.

There is a read me included on how to install it! 
If you do not understand how to set key codes heres a quick tut.
This is one of the commands that set the key: aimbot_key = 18
"18" is the keycode for a key heres a list of keycodes
the keycode for Left click is 1, so if we wanted to use aimbot whenever we shoot
change the "18" to 1
So instead of aimbot_key = 18
It is aimbot_key = 1


Download here:

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Detection Ratio: 0/56 [You can check it yourself] 

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