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TF2: Scout Basics (aiming mindset)
Hey guys, here with a TF2 guide on how to properly play Scout (or at least how I like to play Scout) Big Grin

This guide will teach you the mindsets and priorities you should have when playing as Scout in a competetive or at least serious match of TF2.

(Things you should know before you start playing serious matches)

Ok, there's many things you should know before you should start playing matches seriously (or at least playing in a serious match, such as Highlander skrims.)
1. Learn the map you are playing on. This is very, VERY important. In fact, this goes without saying. Learn your map. Learn things like, where the health packs are, where you can and can't stand, where shortcuts are, blind spots, etc.
  Knowing these things can greatly increase your map traversal and escape routes you know you can take. Remember that because you are a Scout, your double jump allows you to get to place where many people can't reach. Keep in mind that many players in TF2 RARELY look up.Even in competetive matches, many players forget to check above them. As a Scout, your double jump allows you to reach higher spots so you can drop down and MeatShot them for 108 damage when you have the stock scattergun. Knowing the map lets you do many things that most players in TF2 wouldn't expect.

2. Have common knowledge of which weapons can do what. I'm talking about for all classes. If you have knowledge of which weapons have which limitations, you can exploit this to your advantage. For example, against another Scout who is using a Force a Nature, you can wait until he fires off both of his shots at you blindly, and then take him out when he is reloading.

3. Know the distance of a Pyro's flame and airblast. This is Probably the most important thing you need to know before playing in a serious match. The Pyro's flame  has the strangest damage box, and the range is stupid and doesn't match the animation. Remember that the Pyro's flame extends about 1 player unit FURTHER than the animation shows.
The Airblast is a mystery for most people. Many people believe that the Airblast is melee range ONLY, but it is NOT. It is at least HALF of the flame's range. A good pyro will try to range stun you with his airblast, so be sure to stay far enough away so he can't get you with his flame or airblast.


Now, for payload, let's start with the obvious. Play the objective. You NEED to play the objective as a scout in this game mode. Push the cart, you have 2X capping speed. When the going gets tough, like theres a huge team fight, or you're in a choke point, get out of there. Your 125 HP is NOT enough to take more than 2 rockets, 2 grenades, 1 sticky, 2 meatshots, 1 second of direct fire from Pyro, 2 body shots from an uncharged sniper, or any other attacks. This makes you veryweak to most hits. Keep away from huge team fights, and most of all, do not attract attention to yourself. A scout in payload is supposed to push the cart, and harass. Do not go for kills unless you can tell that they are running for HP.

Here are some ways you can play and be an effective scout:

1. Harasser
A Harasser scout is there to do exactly what it says. Harass the enemy team. This means, right when you are let out of spawn, check for sentries. Tell your team if there are any, and always be careful. Make your way to the enemy's spawn. Now, at this point, your team should have but heads with the enemy teams, and some casualties should have been made. This is your job now. As the enemies come out of spawn, shoot them. However, DO NOT spawn camp and go for kills. You want to shoot them to get their attention, and make them FOLLOW you. This will keep them out of the game for longer trying to chase a scout that really isn't a big deal. The more people you get trying to catch you and kill you, the better. Do NOT be aggressive. In fact, be a pussy. Run away as much as you can. This will most of the time will piss people off and they will want to find you even more. Use your knowledge of the map to use shortcuts and ledges you can stand on, and shoot at them to get their attention and anger up even more.
This keeps the enemy team from actually trying to defend or push the cart. They will be too busy with you, and not paying attention to the objective. This is your goal. You want people mad at you and desperate to get you off their backs instead of actually playing the game. Doing this will get the enemy team off of your team's backs and let them play the objective even more. Harass even harder when you team starts to cap. Do whatever you can to get the enemy team as pissed as possible at you.
BUT REMEMBER TO ALWAYS TRY TO STAY ALIVE. The second they kill you EVEN ONCE, they will ignore you for awhile, and it will be hard for you to get their attention again.

2. Capper
This Scout mindset is here to play the game. You are here to push the cart, cap the point, get the intel, whatever the game mode is about, you are here to play it as hard as you can. Push that cart as far as you can, and then bail when the going gets tough. When things lighten up, push again. Cap the point, because you have double capping speed. Whatever the game mode is you do it. Do not go for kills, unless they are choice kills, such as Medics or Spies. Remember that the enemy team's Medic(s) are important to them, so KILL THEM Angry . Focus down Medics, because they can keep everyone on the enemy team alive longer, and they can Uber push.
You want to cap, and you want to take out Medics. Cool

3. Responsible
A Responsible Scout is one that plays the support. He gets people off of his team's backs, like attracting a Heavy away from a Soldier who's health is low. You carry Mad Milk to throw in the middle of teamfights to give your team that extra sustain. You live for your team. No kills unless it helps the team directly. As always, get the Medic when you can. Save your teammates from doom, like when a Spy is about to go for a backstab, kill the Spy. Do what you can for your team. Many people love it when you play the Responsible Scout because you help them. They will be more willing to help you out when you are in trouble.
An example would be: You put out a dying Medic when he is on fire with your Mad Milk. He will probably remember this and heal you when you are low on HP or if you are also on fire.  Big Grin
Remember that if you are the nice guy who helps your team, you gain a LOT of respect. More people will be inclined to help you out because you helped them. Spread kindness to get kindness. If you weren't helped out by a team mate and you were in trouble, don't get mad at them. Just be sure that you MUST help your team.
Writer's Note: I personally love playing this type of Scout because it really helps your team work together. You get stuff done faster, and if everyone is your friend, they will be more willing to listen to your ideas and strategies. This also helps you gain a lot of friends on Steam, who you can then try to call in for additional support in a match. Sleepy


Thanks for reading~! Heart
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Pic made by me.
My Pixiv is Swd3e2
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oh wow dude really nice Big Grin

i personally play most as a mixture of a harasser and responsible Big Grin

Harraser ftw! You can't lose with Scout if you're a bit good :) Thanks for the thread its really helpful.
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