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TF2: Pyro Basics (Priority Mindset)
Here is a guide on the way Pyro was meant to be played.

This guide will teach you the mindsets and priorities you should have when playing as Pyro in a competetive or at least serious match of TF2.

(Things you should know before you start playing serious matches)

1. Learn the map you are playing on. As a Pyro, you need to know there all of the ammo and health packs are, because you're going to be focused on a LOT by many classes, mostly because you can really put on the DoT and burst damage in a teamfight. You need to know where people can hide, where they can stand on, and where you can corner them. Denying health packs and keeping Medics out of the game plays into the map. Know the instant death pits and other places you can trap people.

2. Know the weapons in the game and what they do. You need to know every weapon in the game, because some things can really screw up a Pyro, such as the Original, that fire rockets from the center of the soldier instead of the side.

3. Know your flamethrower like the back of your hand. That distance that is shown for you when you shoot your flame out is longer than you would think. When the animation's edge is there, you have about one player unit's point of reach. However this does NOT mean that you should go out there and hold down your fire button.

4. Know when an how to airblast. Learning the right time to airblast can really help out your team. The timing required is something that you just need to get a feel for, and the lag in the match really depends on how well you can airblast.


Usually, Pyros aren't there to play the objective. In a serious match of TF2, the Pyro is there to basically keep everyone on the other team dead or at least at a really low HP due to the DoT he has. For Payload he is best on defense, as he can air blast people away from the cart. Overall, the Pyro is a class that is useful for both offense and defense, though in my opinion more of a defensive class.

Here are some mindsets you should be playing while Pyro. These mindsets can be used on many different game modes.

Gatekeeper Pyro is the type of Pyro that is almost always full on defensive. You will very rarely step away from your team or your team's sentry nest. In payload, you are here to play on blue team. You protect your team at all costs, airblasting rockets, grenades, sticky bombs, anything that can be reflected, you shoot it right back. You also put out all teammates that are fire. This type of Pyro is very rarely played, but is generally well respected. Remember that as a Gatekeeper Pyro you do not go for kills.

2. Exterminator
A Pyro who plays as the Exterminator is one that can only ever be played on capture the flag, as you kill all the pests that enter. Basically, your role is to protect your base at all times, and to protect the intel. Because you have your airblast, an uber push is no big deal, as you can just airblast the medic away. You will go for any enemy that steps inside of your base. You will still assist your teammates by reflecting attacks and putting them out when they are on fire, but your main objective is to protect the intel and keep your base pest-free.

3. Wisp
The Wisp Pyro is there to spread as much fire and misery to your opponents as possible. You will stay out of sight, and sneak up on the enemy team when they least expect it. Light them up and then airblast them as far away from you as possible before making your escape. You want to lower the hp of the enemy team enough so they will have no choice but to head back to spawn, where you will convieniently be waiting to finish them off. You try not to stay in view unless you are attacking, and half the time your team will not even know where you are. Be sure not to attract any attention, and always be behind your enemies backs. This Pyro goes well with the Backburner, but the Degreaser is my weapon of choice due to the airblast and the quick switch to the shotgun. Wisp Pyro can improve your Spy skills as well.

4. Firefighter
The Firefighter Pyro is the team player. You will NOT get any kills in this mindset through fire. Your main source of points is the airblasts and the extinguishing. You protect your team at all costs, even if it costs you your life. However, judge the priority of the teammembers that need saving. You list of "people that need to live" in order of most important to least important goes like this
1. Medic
2. Engineer
3. Spy
4. Heavy
5. Soldier/Demoman
6. Sniper
7. Scout
8. Pyro
This will be how your judge who needs saving. If a medic is about to die and so is a scout, but you can only save one, save the Medic, etc.

I will update this with more info as time passes Exclamation
Thanks for reading~!  Heart
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Pic made by me.
My Pixiv is Swd3e2
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Holy Flaming Medics such classyness... such neatness... such english...

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