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(10-10-2015, 05:19 PM)Kahoot Wrote: Hello peeps of crank gaming.
I noticed this section of crank gaming was inactive.
So I thought It would be nice if I posted my huge combo list! 
[I have not checked any of these so some may not work and some may] 
For Once all credits go to me!
Im pretty sure this combo list has about 87k combos in there. 
You can use a account checker [I don't have one sorry m9s] 
Theres no need for a viruscan because you can't put a virus on a txt vile and I don't know how create a virus xD
[Yes I know there are some duplicates]

I had to upload to mega bcuz when I pasted the thing is pastebin  the page crashedHERES IS TEH DOWNLOAD:

thx dude i hobe it works

thanks guys

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