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The Crank Team
Hey guys a small update on our team:

Admin: curkill, Mavcjs, SirSource

Watchover: [Empty]
SuperModerator: Viland
Moderator:  VisualBasics - FPS Hacking Section & News and Announcements Section
 HaxingKetchup - Cracking/Pirating/Leak Section
 giner2 - General Section

short info on the power:

Admin: He is the Almighty in this forum, the creator and sustainer!

If u see him coming near you, you better run a way, cause you dont wanna mess with the watchover! Really dangerous guys, risking their lives to keep this forum save and clean!

The Guy in charge of everything, he is doing everything from just helping others or calling the Bountyhunters/Watchover on you!

Moderators: They are the Sherrifs in their area/forums, so better hide the dope!
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Thank you for this Information!

Needs updating Tongue Just saying

Thank you for this Information!
[Image: 85585-youre-all-gonna-get-banned-gif-pvrx.gif]

(06-03-2015, 09:03 PM)Viland Wrote: Thank you for this Information!

iam add u tomorrowwww

need update LOL
[Image: 85585-youre-all-gonna-get-banned-gif-pvrx.gif]

yeah i will do it today

Ignore this Tongue just want to see if it worked!

Looking if it is updated Big Grin

(06-09-2015, 05:12 PM)BizSpark Wrote: Looking if it is updated Big Grin

why LOL

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