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This isnt a Hack but a great tip.

Hey guys, If you guys want to get good at League of legends do this,
Step 1, Record your game with LolReplay, or whatever you want
step 2. play the game.
step 3. If the game finished check the WHOLE game back.
step 4. Recognize what you did wrong and u can beat ur fails Big Grin
step 5. Play better.

Ps. I know it cost much time but it will help you alot.

Greetz, TurboPinguinl

u can basically do dis wis every game Big Grin but gud idea <3

yep ur right i did this for a long long time

Thanks, hope it will work! ;D

(12-07-2015, 04:44 PM)PepperSalty Wrote: Thanks, hope it will work! ;D
It helped me alot + many (dutch) streamers said it was awesome aswel (something like KevinEuw,Dinoricar)

I like your way, Could be really good if you have some free time or you wait for something. Thank you!

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