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How to get refunds without returning products!
I'm posting this thread approach to product refunding due to a previous method by Bonebreiker in which I replied but felt I could improve on this further by making an independent thread.
Bonebreikers' method Link. & Bonebreiker Profile Link.
Product refund method
Choose a company that uses private delivery services, (NOT personal delivery "The deliverymen work for the company").
Tracked packages should be avoided to allow for flexibility with your claims.
It's highly recommended you research the specific company and how it handles refunds before you make an order.

Make an account per product order don't reuse emails or address locations sites such as amazon.com track account deliveries for a few months.
Alternatively you may use an existing account with good history this is a preferred option if you don't plan to regularly refund.
It's advised to register accounts long before using them preferably 3-6 months before.

When your order arrives preferably close to your local garbage collection day contact customer services or if your garbage collection day has just past wait to reply and if asked state you only recently opened the package.
Live chat customer service should be done the day after the day stated you opened your package preferably coinciding with garbage day.

It's recommended you have the required order references and any product details ready.

The reason you should state for wanting a refund is that you had to dispose of the product due to what you believe to be blood stains inside the packaging, you may vary on where and how much blood taking consideration of the type and amount of packaging present.
Do not state any blood was external of the packaging, do not state you still have the packaging or product.
It is a good idea to state you or a relative who live in the same property are a "Child carer/Child minder" and you can not keep biological hazards at your property, if asked to return the product in the initial response you can also state it is illegal to mail biological hazards.
You may be offered special biological packaging to use you should state you disposed of the item when asked if you can retrieve the item from the disposal you can state what your garbage collection day is and it will match up to local service checks.

If you are having problems convincing customer service or they say you don't qualify for a refund ask for a supervisor/manager and/or say you will make it a legal matter (better with expensive products) and/or you have the right to contact trading standards.
In addition you may add that at this point you feel highly unsatisfied and that even if you are unsuccessful with trading standards you will be glad to provide them extra evidence to take action against them in the future.

If successful you may be given the option of a replacement you may be satisfied with this or you can simply state you don't feel like taking the risk or you don't want to use there service again (It's recommended you be humble).

Extra advice:
If this is the first time you are attempting to exploit the refund process I recommend you go for a economically logic approach and avoid going straight for expensive products you should try a product that is cheap but still worth refunding try the range of £20-£50 depending on how financially stable you are alternatively you could try a product you would purchase regardless.

Practise, practise, practise and if at first you don't succeed don't be deterred just try again you will learn how costumer services deal with complaints and how although situations vary you can manipulate them into a social situation that you are trained and in control of.

If you require any further information or assistance you can message me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
I am easy to find/contact and quick to respond if you need to discuss anything don't hesitate to message.
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this saved my life man thanks alot love4U man <3

wow now thats treuly amazing :O best method ever xD thanks bro

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