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About the official website:
 The DeadFrontier site has a straight forward get to playing design(By although offering a selection of media such as screenshots and a large YouTube screen this is often disguised into the background due to the ( login prompt.
Offering various share/like buttons bragging an audience of  230k via Facebook can often be thought of as popular although the most current statistics show another story.
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About the game:
Story Timline:

Tuesday June 28th, 2016
A private biological research facility is raided by French police forces after several allegations of illegal experimentation involving human subjects. Despite warnings from the arrested lab technicians, they proceeded to release the 109 caged people, not aware that they are carrying the highly infectious N4 Virus.

Wednesday June 29th, 2016
Newspapers break stories of the walking dead, but are not taken seriously by the public, but news of the human drug trials spark riots in-front of the Secronom building. Some hours later a SWAT team raided the building, shots are heard for half an hour but soon it was silent. Suddenly several infected emerged from the building, tearing the mobs to shreds. FPD Officer Jonathan Milman barricades himself inside a library with several other survivors.Other survivors fortified themselves in a Farm on the outskirts of the city.

Saturday July 2nd, 2016
Jonathan Milman writes his journal entry in the Library attic, describing the outbreak in Fairview.Fearing the safety of its citizens, the government sends in teams of soldiers to try to rescue civilians.

Tuesday July 5th, 2016
The soldier from the demos gets separated from his team and holds up in an abandoned cottage in the countryside.

Thursday July 7th, 2016
After two terrifying days of wandering through a city, the soldier encounters a man and his daughter, Stephany. The man tells the soldier that a helicopter is coming to evacuate them. The soldier escorts the man and his daughter to a helicopter.

Sometime in 2017
The Nastya's Outpost/Holdout slowly flourished, carefully evolved to a small settlement and finally, to the likings of a small town. The Outpost Guarding Force was introduced, in response to highly possible attacks from the infected that may happen in the future. Many doctors and scientists are still trying to find a cure and so far, to no success.

Early 2018
Infected begin mutating. (These are only a few examples in their 2D form. 3D forms are the more recent ones from the newest free version of the game and are available in the bestiary section of the wiki.)
Several mutations include infected emitting a sickly green color (now known as irradiated zombies) and there were rumors of a few infected mutating to large proportions, with spine-like growths on their back. Neil ordered the survivors to find out if this rumor was true or not. A man named Jack slaughtered the first "Behemoth" (Also known as 'Big Red' in its early days of discovery) in the aftermath.
The Blue skinned zombies flesh strangely turns a purple/grey color.

Late 2018
Radio signals reach Nastya's Holdout, the first ones in a year. They indicate the arrival and crash of an unknown helicopter somewhere in Fairview, seemingly caused by an unknown and oversized zombie. Soon afterwards, Nastya herself sends several scouts to check and rescue possible survivors of the crash. Gregg Stevens is the first to discover the grisly scene of the crash, but sadly there were no survivors to be found, nor any useful information.
Zombies start to become more aggressive and begin to attack the outpost every so often.
Saturday November 9th
An odd man sets up a tent outside the meeting hall which he names "the gambling den". Here survivors may bet cash for a chance to double it in a round of three card monte.

Early 2019
Survivors begin to leave the outpost and start making barricades throughout the city.A marketplace and yard are set up in the outpost to help trading and the economy.A mission board is set up in the outpost for survivors to help civilians with their various problems.Late in the year, a storage area is set up for survivors.

September, 2019
Survivors start making more outposts throughout the city and look for supplies at the edge of the city. Three more outposts are built- Dogg's Stockade, Fort Pastor and Precinct 13.New zombie mutations start to be seen more frequently. The three mutant types, the Titans, the Tendrils and the Bones are the first to appear in mass number. Some badly injured survivors also report the presence of the Wraith, however the Wraith seemed to disappear later on.

December, 2019
Supplies of loot become scarce, forcing more and more Survivors deeper into the city- yet the quality of found items is increasing.
The Zombie's appear to be more persistant in their attacks, following Survivors great distances to hopefully earn themselves a meal.Reports emerge that the Infected are mutating again.The Infected begin attacking the Outposts more frequently.

March, 2020
A Fort Pastor scout confirms that multiple new mutations have been sighted among the Infected, approaching the Inner city in swarms. ETA is estimated to be several days at most.New types of mutations confirmed when several waves of new mutants begin a prolonged assault upon every human settlement in Fairview. All four of the city's outposts spend over a week under siege from the swarms of new infected, and many survivors are killed before the outposts are finally able to put together complete assessments of the new mutants' individual strengths and weaknesses, and give survivors the upper hand.Fort Pastor is revealed to be the most common area of the new mutations, and the zombies are more aggressive, resulting in bigger hordes roaming around Fort Pastor.In an effort to mount a definitive counteroffensive against the infected, the outposts begin offering missions to Survivors again.A few months later, the Survivors of Fairview are able to see the sun shining once again for the first time in over a year. Warmer temperatures (coupled with the city's excessive rainfall) also lead to the frequent appearance of fog in the city. However, none of the weather changes have had any effect on the activity of zombies in the area.Scientists speculate that the changes in the weather may be a result of the prolonged period of inactivity in the now-abandoned industrial facilities and fossil fuel power plants around the world. With no more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, the plant life around the globe has finally filtered out enough atmospheric CO2 to reduce the effects of global warming somewhat, leading to minor changes in climate-- and, by extension, the newly-observed changes in the weather.

April, 2020
AdminPwn's engineer teams finally manage to break down the massive car pile-ups blocking the roads at the edges of Fairview, making a massive unexplored region of the city accessible to Fairview's survivors.New infected mutations are discovered in the newly-opened region of the city. The new zombies are found to the east of Fort Pastor. The Longarms strain has made a return, most prominently in infected females. The Rumbler mutation, found to have evolved from the Fat Red Zombies, seems to only affect males.Broken reports begin to flow into the outposts from the End Zone, telling of a massive, gargantuan Titan with soot-black skin and bone growths. Within weeks of the first reports, word gets out about AdminPwn's infamous recon mission: In an attempt to gather intel on the beast, AdminPwn takes a group comprised of his officers and a hand-picked team of elite survivors down into the End Zone, with the objective of hunting down the new monster and finding out exactly what it is. The mission results in a massacre, with at least half of AdminPwn's team being brutally slaughtered by the beast. The only thing gained from the mission is a single, tiny sample of flesh from the newly-dubbed "Black Titan." Analysis of the sample reveals that the Black Titan is at a stage of mutation far beyond that of other mutants-- its power and stamina are staggeringly high, inarguably making it the deadliest infected mutation yet.Strange new infected mutations begin to appear on a seasonal basis-- most of them completely inexplicable. Eggheads begin showing up around the late spring months (usually near Easter Sunday), while Pumpkinheads and Slendermen begin appearing in the city during the late fall (usually around Halloween). The winter months see the appearance of mutant mall Santas and their Elf assistants (usually around Christmas).

July 2022
AdminPwn announces that his engineers have begun work on removing the second group of car pile-ups blocking the roads at the edge of the city, and another uncharted area will soon be accessible. At the same time, scout reports begin to mention sightings of as-yet unidentified new mutations amongst the infected beyond the roadblocks.
Survivors begin to make plans for establishing a new outpost in the uncharted region once it is made accessible.

August 2022
AdminPwn announces that due to unexpected delays, the roadblocks at the edge of the End Zone will not be cleared until late October at best.

November 2022
The roadblocks has been successfully removed, revealing a smaller portion of the city with much more dangerously mutated zombies. At the expense of several men while escaping high aggro and what appears to be a burning Black Titan, AdminPwn's team found a new safe haven: an underground emergency bunker owned by Secronom itself. In the bunker were several survivors still fighting for their lives. Following this discovery, the outposts's scientist teams believes that they are one step closer to finding a cure. Establishment of the bunker into a new outpost was carried out.Following this discovery, survivors reported seeing infected dogs all over the city. Fresh bodies were found to have bite marks of a canine animal. This marks the return of the Dog Zombies from the first weeks in the infection, although they are much more dangerous than before.Survivors also reported new buildings that were never seen before, such as abandoned military outposts, the military could have been killed or they could have simply escaped

The N-4 Virus:
Commonly called N4 or Nerotonin Type 4, the artificially engineered virus which caused most of the world's population to turn into zombie-like beings or even mutants has had various effects of scientific and practical interest.

While there are no known remains of detailed plans about what Nerotonin 3 was exactly supposed to be capable of, nor are there any details of what exactly turned the prototypes of Nerotonin 3 into a virus totally unlike Nerotonin Type 2, various survivors have observed and learned from the hordes of infected over the years and noted a confirmed list of virus effects.

Out of the base virus that was spread via the primary infections, which already eradicated most of the civilized world, several different strains evolved and spread among the infected.

The various mutated virus strains which appeared over time all have some differing effects, although all viruses retain part of the core virus and most of its effects. The typical infected seen in the Inner City is controlled by a version of the virus which causes several different mutations to the virus host and thus produces the known zombie types of differing danger and strength.

It has recently been discovered, that due to the rapid evolution of the virus, the DNA of many strains of N-4 codes for proteins capable of incorporating various non-essential amino acids during protein synthesis. This helps explain the drastic mutations found in the infected.

Physical Effects:
Since this document is written from a scientifically neutral point of view, the listed effects may or may not be positive for humanity itself, as they are written from the virus host's point of view, whether it is a normal human survivor, one of the many "zombies" in the Inner City or even animals and other beings which were found to survive an infection - meaning that the virus does not totally destroy one's nervous system but keeps the body alive and working, although usually under its own control.

- Anomalous Growth of Bones, Muscles and the related parts of the nervous system
- Diminished sensitivity to pain from physical damage to the body
- Improved and accelerated regenerative effects
- Increased hearing, sight, and tactile perception capabilities, as well as a highly sensitive sense of smell
- Discolourization or Recolourization of the skin, depending on how long the mutation has spread
- They do NOT respond to light changes.

The N4 virus also seems to make their host highly resistant to radiation. Not only that, radiation seems to hinder the mutation of the body. The existence of current Irradiated Zombies proved that radiation actually locks zombies in their present state, and permanently halts any further mutation. Scientists in Nastya's Holdout and the other Outposts have begun looking into this phenomenon as a possible way to cure (or at least suppress) N4 infection and mutation, although their progress thus far has been inconclusive.

Mental Effects:
- Extreme aggression toward non-horde beings (humans, animals, etc.).
- Inability to recall emotional relationships, previous needs, memories as a human, etc.
- Extreme craving for the flesh of uninfected humans (living or dead).
- A mental pull towards being in a horde (hive/mob mentality).
- In the (alleged) N5 cases only: The ability to complete complex thought and construction of structures.
- Only capable of extremely limited use of reason and logic-- their ability is barely greater than that of a wild animal.
Inability to communicate in any (human) language.

Additional Effects:
Hosts of the Nerotonin 4 virus seem to have some kind of "hive mind" mentality. This means that the individual being is still capable of limited logical reasoning and thought, but generally discards its own well-being in favor of the horde or other infected if necessary. This includes situations in which groups of infected ignore self-preservation instincts, hunger and any kind of danger they may encounter (these infected commonly being called "Cannon Fodder"), so that their prey (typically human survivors) gets distracted, injured or otherwise becomes an easier target for other parts of the infected horde.

Beyond the basic infected, new special strains of the N4 virus have allowed the infected host to operate independently of the "hive mind" mentality of normal infected. They instead rely on offensive or defensive abilities to tear through survivors. These mutations have effectively made these unique strains of infected a new "species". These mutants are commonly known as "Boss Zombies", and they appear to have the ability to summon their smaller brethren (both normal and mutant infected) into a swarm at will. They additionally seem to have a very limited ability to command their swarms where to go (typically, wherever a survivor is currently standing).

This ability seemingly only applies to infected animals and humans, which are typically hostile to anyone not infected by the same virus strain and invading their territory can be extremely dangerous, if the intruders are not prepared for an extremely high enemy to ally ratio.

Wikia content:
[Image: 65UZVx7.jpg]

About game map:
The map offers a informative 60x39 map with flexible zooming.
GPS tracker for all players with a significant portion of map sub-locations and loot spots(gold member & non-member) including coordinates.

Previously developed: Minigames/Single-player game series

More recently released: although not relevant.

Personal summary:
Overall a decent zombie game, although a diminishing community and a entertainment life that's fairly short the time you do spend provoking players to PvP or simply scavenging Fairview will waste hours if not days of your life when you come to the conclusion the game is boring but up until that point you will enjoy every second. The combination of weapons, armour and other various equipment are a key points as they will be the drive of your game play with a laborious leveling system experience & leveling will be of no concern to you although definitely appreciated when a level is reached(especially mid-outpost attack). The enemies are constantly evolving the bosses and other special enemies will surprise you no matter what your location or level you will learn weakness and strategy to coincide with the  necessary fight or flight decision; combat can be extremely easy to begin with although a short walk away from the beginning outpost(Nastya's Holdout) will yield hordes of enemies and bosses galore, distance being a key measurment to how much of a risk you are taking although tactics such as barricading and party travelling can be useful you may like experimenting switchign between single & multiplayer while travelling to improve stealth or to acquire assistance from other travellers.
To end my summary I would recommend this game to anyone although non-gold membership accounts are at risk of being deleted once you have purchased a membership your account will be at no such risk(Personally tested: aprox 3 years account still remains).
I am easy to find/contact and quick to respond if you need to discuss anything don't hesitate to message.
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Zombie games <3 cant wait for it

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