Rust Starter Guide - 2021

by TheNick
49 minutes
Rust Starter Guide - 2021


Hello to you, who is starting on this vast cruel and wild world that is Rust! You will discover that it is much more cruel than wild and if you feel lost in your first hours of play, this guide is for you.

First of all, I would like to point out that I don't have many hours of play and I don't have the knowledge to make THE guide, perfect, to follow no matter what the game is. But if there are a few things that I do know, it's that I've been asking myself a lot of questions (stupid most of the time, but hey...) about how to get started in this game, like collecting resources, building a house, etc. I'm not sure how to do that. I also had a lot of adventures, which ended more or less well (rather more or less quickly).

I've also noticed that a lot of people have these kinds of questions. So rather than sounding like a noob on the global chat, I will try to answer them through this guide.

I would also like to clarify one thing, Rust is a game where you go a lot: Dying, being racketed, having your house destroyed, being betrayed. This kind of behavior is commonplace, you will also be killed by several players while you are naked, it is the law of nature. If you can't stand all this and you want to make your house alone in a corner in peace, this game is not for you.

This guide is oriented to the new version of Rust, which has become the default version of the game.

# Contents:

## I) The beginning

## II) Building your house

## III) Weapons

## IV) To defend oneself

## V) The players

# I) The beginning

Here you are lost in the middle of nowhere, with your **** and your knife (well rather your big stone) because yes at the beginning you have nothing. You're walking around naked with a big rock in your hands that you will use to collect resources.

One thing you should know is that as soon as you disconnect your character's body (and therefore your stuff) stays on the game! Your character is asleep until your next connection, and you'll reappear at the same place (even if you've put sleeping bags on). This means you're easy prey, so only log out at home or hidden in a bush.

  • Locate your surroundings. Knowing which biomes you are in (forest, desert or snow) will be useful to find resources and especially to find your friends.
  • In the forest, avoid wolves and bears. If they chase you, flee to the water or a high place (rock, foundations...).
  • Do not stay at your spawning point. Go on an adventure!
  • Locate inhabited houses (light, activity, players inside,...) and avoid them. The uninhabited houses are surely already plundered don't waste your time.
  • Never light a torch or fire at night unless you like to be a moving target.
  • Don't build anything until you have a stone.
  • Fence the wood. Find a tree and hit it with your pebble. It will be slow, but make yourself a small stock of wood (for my part 500 is a minimum).
  • Make yourself a spear.

  • Hunting animals will give you cloth, very useful too, but I advise you not to attack a bear or a wolf. If they chase you, it is better to flee to a high point and hit them from there. To have a doe you have to sneak towards it (left ctrl)
  • Find Stone . The stones to be harvested are special stones. They are small (about your size) round and have yellowish/red reflections. (Don't bother hitting every stone you see, so don't bother).
  • The desert is a place where you will find a lot of stone.
  • Don't stop until you find some. It can be long but it is essential.
  • As soon as you have stone, craftily a stone hatchet and throw your stone, the harvest of resources is now multiplied by 9!
  • Harvest a lot of wood (between 5000 and 10000). It will go fast with the hatchet.
  • Build your base. In a place not far from resources (forest/desert), quite hidden, and far from other constructions.
  • Don't build near antennas or wolf statues, they are landmarks for the players and therefore a rather dangerous crossing point for you. Use them to find your way, but keep them far enough away.

# II) Building your house

Ah, to build a house, a small, warm and cosy home where you are safe from danger... If you play Rust you can forget. Know that if gamblers want to go home, they will, and you can be sure of that. The goal is to slow them down as much as possible to hope to tire them out and thus make them give up their attack.

  • Never believe that your home is impenetrable, some will be happy to prove you wrong.
  • Crack a wooden hammer.
  • Crack paper (100 of wood).
  • Make a construction plan with the paper.
  • Equip it, and right click to open the construction menu and choose the parts you want to create (foundations, walls, etc.).

3 steps:

1) the construction:

  • The Foundations: make a 2x2 square to start.
  • Walls and posts: Place posts at the four corners of the foundation and place your walls between them. Be careful to leave room for the door. Select door surround and place it as a wall. Then select the wooden door and place it in the door frame.
  • the floor: Select floor plan to position the floor above you for your ceiling.
  • Hit with your hammer to speed up the construction.
  • Right click on the wall/floor/foundation with your hammer to demolish it if needed.
  • Never make windows on the ground floor, always upstairs. Place a window outline, then select the window and place it in the outline.
  • Make floors: There are no stairs yet. Made with the blocks.
  • Never build near a rock. Players will have access to your roof.
  • If walls disappear, your house is not stable. Check/add posts and bearing walls.
  • Build an airlock (2 doors with a corridor in between). Getting killed in front of your house, and leaving the door wide open, is a better situation.
  • Build foundation stairs for easy access to your front door.

2) The inside:

  • Crack a cupboard and protect it! Do it inside, in a special room, and never against a wall facing outside. It allows you to prohibit construction within a 50m perimeter, but if players reach it, say goodbye to your house.
  • Make a sleeping bag. Try to put it in a protected room because if it is destroyed, you won't be able to respawn at home.
  • Make a fire, put 3 steaks and 60 of wood for the leather perfectly, without burning them.
  • Make ovens. You will need fuel (10 x animal fat).
  • Put iron and sulphur in the oven and light it. Put as much wood as possible.
  • If you decide to make a bigger house, make lots of posts and interior walls. Your house will be stable, and you will have corridors to hinder stiffnesses that would have gotten in.
  • Make digicodes! Forget the locks, if you die you will give the key to your executioners. Put digital codes on all your doors.

3) Improvement

  • Collect stone
  • Equip the hammer, right click on a wall, select upgrade
  • Upgrade your entire house as a single unit, with all walls facing the outside and the room where your cabinet is located. Don't leave any wooden walls...
  • Improve your foundation.

Weaknesses of a house:

  • The door: Remains the main weak point. Players armour their walls but leave only one door between the outside and their tender home.
  • The windows: Same problem as the door, do them upstairs!
  • The floors: Not upgradeable. Making a hole in your ceiling is a direct way to your home. Hence the need to make floors.
  • I advise you to clear the list of your wardrobe after each raid (if your house is still there), see regularly enough. Some loot, register, and rebuild what they have destroyed. So the next time they come back, they can build/destroy your house. A real pleasure.
  • If your home is no longer there, don't be disappointed. Start again until you have an inviolable base (or almost).

III) Weapons

Let me guess, after building your superb fort, you dream of Thompsons and balls whistling near the ears of bare asses terrified no ?


  • The most powerful weapons are expensive in resources and especially in ammunition.
  • Make a small stock of spears anyway, it can help.
  • The bow is powerful too but is very hard to handle, use it for hunting or if you are very confident.
  • Don't waste your time with the knife.
  • The first pistol is useless except to scare your bare ass.
  • The time between the moment you click and when the shot goes off varies depending on the weapon, and you can't shoot by running fast (shift).
  • The revolver is much more reliable and accurate. Very useful in hand-to-hand combat.
  • The shotgun (150 iron) is the most effective weapon in hand-to-hand combat. It uses pump cartridges (5 iron + 10 powder) which are the cheapest to make.
  • The bolt action rifle is the sniper of the game, powerful and precise. Nevertheless it uses 5.56mm cartridges which are more expensive to make (10 iron and 5 powder).
  • The Thompson is expensive. It requires pistol cartridges but you may use them very quickly. Do it only when you are really well equipped and have a lot of resources (or just for fun...).
  • Never go looking for resources armed with guns. If you are killed you will not only lose them, but you will also arm your future enemies.
  • Make ammunition. You will need sulphur and coal to create gunpowder, then combine the powder with iron to get the ammunition of your choice.
  • Make lots of ammunition. A small stockpile at home can be very useful.
  • Favour the shotgun, for starters, it would be your best friend. It is very scary to the lame ass.


  • As far as clothing is concerned, be aware that the gambling system is precise, it protects what it covers.
  • A metal breastplate will protect your torso and back, but you will be vulnerable on the sides.
  • The metal mask only protects the front of the face, leaving the eyes and the back of the face vulnerable.
  • If you're the type of person who is going to face your enemy, choose equipment that protects the front of your body, if not, take the silly helmet that covers the whole head except the face.
  • The hazmat suit is used to fight against radiation but it can double the damage received. Only the helmet is useful, it protects your whole head.
  • Defense equipment can save your life, but like weapons, don't wear it for farming.
  • A breastplate stops all the damage of a weapon. It can save your life.

IV) Defending yourself

  • Your house will most likely be attacked, it's only a matter of time.
  • Always go around your house, kill anyone who gets too close. If a player is sleeping near you, there is still a threat, kill him. It's not nice but it's the game too...
  • You will come across naked players walking in front of your house. Beware of naked asses.
  • Sometimes they are just "innocents" passing by, but most of the time they are scouts and even if you kill them be sure they will come back, and not alone...
  • Ask their intentions via voice chat, but never trust anyone. Don't let anyone go home.
  • You should only offer them two solutions: Either they leave or they die. This is your territory now and you must defend it.
  • If you are attacked don't panic, it is very difficult to raid a well-defended house.
  • Be aware that they will try to find a loophole to build them, but if you have positioned your cabinets correctly, they should look for a long time.

If you are armed:

  • Shoot them with the bolt from your windows or roof. Aim first at anyone who approaches.
  • Go around often to see if someone is attacking another side of your house.
  • Do not go outside under any circumstances.
  • Hang on. If you manage to defend yourself well, they will quickly give up. But be sure they will come back.

If you are unarmed:

  • store several spears in a trunk.
  • Take a lance, remove all your equipment and go to the roof (if you have access to it).
  • Go down to meet the intruders and fight. Try to eliminate those who are naked or the least equipped first, then attack the most stuffed. If you die you will reappear in your sleeping bag.
  • Repeat the operation until you kill the intruders. Be careful while going on the roof, the enemies may have built a ladder and surprise you, be careful at every exit, always close the doors behind you.
  • Build a small annex house next to your house and put a few spears and a sleeping bag in it. If you die you will reappear in a place close to the enemy and you can attack them by surprise. But if your attack fails the first time, I advise you to destroy the sleeping bag before leaving your annex. Surprise works once, and it is better to be in your main base when your attackers have understood your turn. And then they will attack you with the worry of seeing you appear behind. (this is to be done before an attack of course...)
  • If you lose your roof or you feel that a wall is going to give way, get your best stuff and wait for them, either they will save your life or they will take it from your corpse.
  • If you don't survive and get robbed, don't be disappointed. The most important thing is to resist and show that they have more to lose than to gain by attacking you. Most of the time, looters only destroy a wall or two and steal your resources.
  • Repair your base, improve your defenses there and wait for them again. You will gain experience and be able to create the best defense.
  • If your house is destroyed, rebuild, you are a man!
  • Erase the list from your wardrobe after each raid.

V) The players

Here is the most interesting part, the community... You should know that Rust is worse than DayZ, the only player who wants you well is you. Although some are not aggressive, they are still very rare and above all unpredictable. Trust only your friends or if you want to create a team but be suspicious...

  • Always be wary of bare asses.
  • Kill foreign players. It may seem xenophobic but believe me the language barrier will quickly annoy your new meeting which may introduce you to its stones.
  • Never believe in the famous "Friendly!" or the throwing of pebbles in front of you. A spear is easily concealed and comes out quickly. Your hesitation can cost you your life.
  • Never invite anyone into your home under any circumstances.
  • Find people who want to team up. There is strength in numbers, and there is survival in numbers.
  • Don't accept anyone if you are at war with a rival gang.
  • Never say your position on the global chat, or if you live in the area.
  • Always lie about the number of people in your house. No need to say 20 people (you'll be hard to believe) but already 5-6 people, it makes you think...
  • The discussion can resolve conflicts, make sure of the intentions of the nudist strangers (keep your distance however...) but if the person does not answer you or if he runs towards you without stopping, kill him immediately!
  • A gambler who wants to chat will stop (far away, not in front of you) and talk to you, but if he doesn't seem to answer after 2 summons (and that's already a lot) it's either because he doesn't hear you or because he doesn't want to answer you. Kill him.
  • Tell the naked ass you meet to stop moving. Kill any player who gets too close to you. Keep them away, no matter what their intentions or excuses.
  • Don't risk arguing with someone with a gun if you are armed too, because the first one to shoot wins.

There are two kinds of encounter situations:

  • You are better armed than the other player, the better situation. A good rifle calms many players, but beware, it also makes you want to shoot. It is in this situation that you will be able to discuss best because you are the one who has the reins.
  • You are less well armed than the other player, the worst situation. In 85% of the cases, you will die. There are two solutions: dialogue or flight. I advise you to talk to each other. Do what he says and pray hard.
  • Conversations can sometimes take surprising turns...surprising. Moreover you have nothing to lose, but I can tell you that I have lived many adventures thanks to risky encounters.

If you are both as armed as each other, it will be a duel, good luck!

  • It will happen that you will meet several armed people, while you are naked. Don't panic, don't rage, they are only doing what you would have done in their place. Talk to them, do what they say and who knows, maybe you'll make new friends. If not, die proudly!
  • Some people don't like to farm the resources, or they already have a big stock, and they like to racketeer others, it's a kind of rp for some. Don't hesitate to do it yourself.
  • Don't pay attention to the rabid comments on the global. they didn't understand the true nature of the game, and you just taught it to them.
  • Everything is allowed in this game, absolutely everything. So don't rage and play the game, whether you are the victim or the executioner.
  • Despite this climate of fear that is peculiar to the game and which unfortunately makes its charm, Rust is the game with the highest concentration of kikoo and cheating. There is nothing like finding your house plundered and without walls in the night, when your house was inaccessible and construction was forbidden... Or a player who literally walks through your walls and kills you in your base (more commonly known as "glitcher").
  • Don't give up, it's only a minority, annoying of course, but a minority and the adventure is worth it!

In conclusion I would say that Rust is a game where your patience and faith in humanity will be put to the test. Be aware that there are many disappointments, and you have to be able to step back and tell yourself that it's the game, even if someone has just killed you or destroyed your house (I know, I know....).