The Forest - FAQ: Where should I build my base?

by TheNick
4 minutes
The Forest - FAQ: Where should I build my base?



Players who don't yet have a good grasp of the combat mechanics (or are afraid of the cannibals) should start here.
  1. "East Point": Very safe. No patrol routes, raids start very slowly. Lizards, rabbits, deer, raccoons, and squirrels, fish in the ponds downhill. There is a tiny village below to the southwest, which is good for gathering a few resources as it's rarely occupied. No cave entrances nearby. Highly recommended.
  2. "Snow East": Usually safe.
  3. "Snow Central": Usually safe. Recommended out of the snow areas (safest and best resources).
  4. "Snow West": Usually safe. Fewer resources than the ones above.

For players that want more challenge and reward. Includes the richest areas in The Forest.
  1. "River Island": Surrounded by a creek that connects two branches of the main river. Attacked very frequently, but fun to defend because of the terrain. Plenty of most resources nearby.
  2. South Lake: Rich in resources. The village on the east side is a good target for your first big "hostile takeover". Cave 2 entrance is right next to the village, and there are a couple others around the lake.
  3. Geese Lake: Rich, lush, and scenic. Not as dangerous as it should be. Multiple cave entrances close by.
  4. Crocodile Village: Another good place to try and take over from the cannibals. Plenty of resources, nice views, and surprisingly easy to defend.
  5. "Central Hill": Good central location overlooking the river and sinkhole. Plane often crashes around this area. Some resources, a 2-hut village, and plenty of enemies.
  6. "Yacht Peninsula": Many players like to build fortresses here. Has a big "weirwood tree" at the tip. No resources beyond a few herbs and leaves. Totally exposed, but enemies usually can't get up the sides so attacks will come from the north. And they will come often. You can also try a little further up (submerged cave south entrance) for more resources and slightly less combat.

Expert / Not Recommended
  • the west coast: Highly dangerous because of the constant patrols, day and night. Nothing will go unnoticed for more than a few (in-game) hours. Personally, the only thing i build here is an outpost at the cave 6 (lawyer's cave) entrance near the containers.
  1. Cave 7 Entrance: You have about 20 seconds to get ready for the fun.
  2. Northwest Village/Snow Lake: Often as bad as the big one. Enjoy the mutants and molotovs.
  3. Main Village: This is it, Crusoe. You're not a real conquistador until you kick them out of their own land.