Thief Simulator - Tips, Glitches & Secrets

by TheNick
4 minutes
Thief Simulator - Tips, Glitches & Secrets

Beginner Tips

The tool tips in the game are very spongy, some help to break in and some do not. How to use the tools you have to find out yourself.

If you have stolen a car, it is "at home" in the yard. Click on it once and it's on the lift. If you have ever played Car Mechanic Simulator, you will be familiar with it. Is the same principle..well actually only the removal. The parts that you can't sell on BlackBay show up in the closet in the hall. DIese can either be destroyed or sold in the "Junkyard". Here you can also sell the car. It is advisable to completely cannibalize the stolen cars and sell them either in the computer (BlackBay) or in the Junkyard. Attention! - In the Junkyard you can also sell valuables such as candlesticks etc.

If you are discovered during a burglary, it is best to hide in a closet. Neither the police, the guards nor the inhabitants will find you there. You will always be found under the bed!

If you are discovered during a burglary attempt or disappearance, you can hide in the larger garbage garbage cans outside the houses. However, it may happen that the police will search for you permanently (could be a bug). The alternatives are to simply run across the game world border, it's like driving a car only easier, or flee across the entire map.

The hacking laptop, which you have to buy in the endgame, allows you to hack doors or facilities from some distance. This has the advantage that the guards or the inhabitants do not notice this as a "break-in". Thus, you can simply get in and out. Otherwise, the laptop is useless.


If you want to commit several burglaries, you should try these glitches, whether they are glitches at all is a moot point.

Houses with garages can always be entered again, because the garage door and the gate (if available) are open. The inhabitants do not notice the intrusion as a burglary. Break into a house. Open the garage door and (if available) the corresponding gate (usually via a switch in the house). If you are noticed here or the alarm goes off, flee into a large garbage can a little further away. When the alarm is over, return to the house and the garage and gate are open.
Only when leaving the game world border doors / gates are closed.

In Richie Street you will find the house 204 - The Pattersons. On the right side of the house is a large trash can on the fence. You can get onto the property unnoticed by first jumping onto the ledge of the fence and then onto the trash can. Then simply jump onto the property and through the windows into the house. Here you will need a glass cutter. To leave the house you can use the garage (see above).

In the Richie Str. you will find the house 208 - The Adams. Behind the house are large rocks over which you can actually get onto the property. In front of one of the rocks is a small trash can. You have to jump onto it. From there you can sprint onto the rock and jump over the fence onto the property. With a little practice it is manageable.

Secrets (Faberge Eggs)

After patch 1.032 there is the Achievement Faberge Eggs. You can find them in the houses:

  • House no.: 205 - The Torres
  • House no.: 207 - The Forsters (2 pieces each)
  • House no.: 208 - The Pattersons (2 pieces each)