Valheim - How to tame a boar

by TheNick
9 minutes
Valheim - How to tame a boar

This guide will make you love animals!

While wild boars can be useful for feeding you the meat they drop after you've killed them, you can get them very easily and quickly!

Lock up the wild boars

You have the choice between raising wild boars close to their natural habitat, so in the meadow or woods, or attracting them near your base, depending on what suits you the most. Keep in mind that the goal is to save time. Either way, you need a Workbench nearby, then build a wooden enclosure. You can either build it around you while the boars attack, which is not practical, or you can be chased into a prefabricated enclosure that will only have to be closed afterward in the same way.


Supply the wild boars

The second step, tame them; there are several methods available for this. The first is passive once the boars are in the enclosure and they are not frightened. We must therefore be discreet or stay at a distance. You will see little yellow hearts floating above their heads. The advantage of this method is that it costs nothing, but it takes several days. You can see the progress of the boars taming as you approach. A percentage will appear.

As you can see at the start of the video, the second method is to feed them; it’s much faster. A little green heart will then float above their head, and their taming rate will climb much faster. For a boar to eat anything, it must not be scared or in combat, and it must be hungry.

The staple foods that wild boars accept are raspberries, mushrooms, blueberries, and carrots. They don't like yellow mushrooms, honey, or meat. You can throw the foods individually or in packs; their number is taken into account in the progression. This has the advantage of requiring less micromanagement, and it will greatly speed things up.

Once a boar's domestication gauge reaches 100%, it is tamed. He will no longer be afraid or hostile in your presence. You can stroke it if you want. We can then move on to the next phase.


Movements and reproduction

With a few tame boars, now is the time to start your breeding. Prepare a good-sized enclosure in which you will gather the wild boars. If you need to move a boar from one enclosure to another, the easiest way is to push it with your character, like an object. Not equipping any weapon and maintaining your guard (right-click) is a good way to control the beast’s movement.

When several tame wild boars are in an enclosure, they will start to breed. The little pigs obtained will then become wild boars. There are, however, a few conditions to be observed:

You have to feed your wild boars, occasionally throw food at them; they do not reproduce if they are hungry.

There should not be too many wild boars in the enclosure. We don't know what formula the game uses to determine if they can recur. Factors that can influence are density, space available, or maybe just the absolute number of wild boar in the area. According to our tests, it is better to stay below 5 wild boars in a large enclosure. This means that one or two need to be chopped down regularly, which is the goal after all. This will give you meat and leather.

Thanks to you for reading this guide.